Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:41am Thursday, October 24, 2013


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Assault on Highway 51.

• Alarm on Charlie Lane.

• Disturbance on Fred Walley Drive.

• Reckless driver on Highway 51.

• Public assistance on Jackson St.

• Public assistance on Zetus Road.

• Theft on Brookway Blvd.

• Disturbance on Third St.

• Alarm on Church St.

• Theft on Brookway Blvd.

• Reckless driver on Brookhaven St.

• Public assistance on Monticello St.

• Disturbance on Beauregard St.

• Alarm on Highway 51.

• Met complainant on Brignal Road.

• Alarm on Chickasaw St.

• Disturbance on Williams St.

• Telephone harassment on Josephine St.

• Suspicious vehicle on Monticello St.

• Alarm on Lucas St.


• Two for speeding.

• One for driving with suspended license.

• One for running stop sign.

• Two for expired tag.

• One for no proof of insurance.

• One for careless driving.


• Two security escorts.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Wednesday was as follows:

• Complaint on Fern Lane NW.

• Funeral escort on Lower Meadville Drive.

• Financial forgery on Pleasant Grove Drive SE.

• Lost or stolen item on East Lincoln Road NE.

• Complaint on Alice Lane SE.

• Complaint on Goodwill Loop.

• Complaint on Justice St.

• Complaint on Lee Drive SE.

• Complaint on Macedonia Road NW.

• Complaint at Dollar General.

• Complaint on Forest Trail NE.

• Suspicious vehicle on Highway 550.


• One funeral escort.