In everything, give thanks

Published 9:59pm Saturday, November 9, 2013

The month of thanksgiving has rolled around again. Scrolling down Facebook’s news feed, I’ve noticed several people are naming something they’re thankful for on each day of November. I think it’s wonderful to reflect on the many blessings God has given us, for we know everything good comes from Him.

I’ve seen thankful Facebook posts about family, friends and even dogs. I would have to agree that my dogs are my babies and I am very thankful for them. Jacob makes fun of the way I talk to them – in my “baby voice.” He tried to imitate my high-pitched dog voice one time and both dogs, including his, came running to him wagging their tails. “See, they love it,” I said as he rolled his eyes.

I am also thankful for Jacob. He keeps me laughing and smiling. As he works on an oil rig on Thanksgiving day, I will be missing his hand holding mine under the table during the prayer and his contagious laugh during the meal.

One Thanksgiving tradition for me is to ride back in the woods on a four-wheeler, enjoying the autumn scenery and thanking God for our beautiful land. My family has been blessed with a beautiful piece of land in Lincoln County, complete with rolling hills split by shallow, running creeks, and a sparkling pond that currently holds a bobbing, orange object. What is that object, you may ask? And how did it get there?

Some have described it as a radioactive turtle that just won’t die. Others aren’t sure what to make of it. I, however, was a witness to the event that put it there. Last week, my uncle came over with his side-by-side, and a two-seater deer stand for Jacob to use in our woods. I rode behind my parents’ house with the two of them, squished between them on the two-person seat. I had asked Jacob to grab our pumpkins that he and my sister carved, because they were beginning to rot. His task was to throw them in the woods.

Well, the next thing I know, we stop by the pond, Jacob grabs a pumpkin and it appears he is going to throw it into the pond. “Surely not,” I thought quickly. “What are you doing?” I yelled. Too late.

Well, Daddy checks the pond area with his flashlight every night, making sure there are no predators endangering the ducks. When the orange floating object caught the light, he trekked to the other side of the pond to determine the identity of the mysterious object.

When he asked us about it the next day, Jacob said Uncle Johnny Ray told him to do it. I didn’t actually hear him tell Jacob to throw the pumpkin into the pond, but I do not doubt it. When dared, I think my husband would do almost anything, and my uncle knows that.

Daddy sent Uncle Johnny Ray a picture and message that read, “That radioactive turtle just won’t die.”

I am thankful for my family who keeps me entertained. God blessed me with good people. Reflect on what God has blessed you with this month. Thankfulness is the best perspective.

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