The state that can’t make up its mind

Published 10:23pm Saturday, November 16, 2013

Well, the first signs of cold weather have arrived. Below-freezing temperatures have been reached in Mississippi and frost-covered grass has been spotted, sparkling under early morning sunlight. I’m writing this column on Thursday, when the thermometer outside is currently only reaching 41.

I see, on the publication of this column, however, Sunday weather will reach a warmer 73. Mississippi weather would win in a flip-flop competition with any politician. In my 25 years, I’ve seen snowy Christmases and short-sleeved Christmases.

My family has gathered its socked-feet around a fireplace on a cold, winter holiday; and my sister and I have played in the sunshine outside on a warm, winter holiday. Mississippi weather is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

The horses outside seem to be enjoying the cool air. Our little dogs, however, shudder at the sign of the shiny stuff on the ground. I don’t have to hunt our puppy, Muzzy, in the mornings anymore after his potty break. He usually wanders off somewhere in the yard; but lately, he’s been coming right back to the door. Spoiled dogs.

Last night, one of the coolest nights we’ve had so far, if not the coldest, Macedonia Baptist Church hosted the association-wide Acteens dinner. The country they’ve been learning about is Peru. The fellowship hall was decorated in Peruvian culture and some attendees wore Peruvian attire.

Since I’ve been on a mission trip to Peru, I was asked to speak. Well, I didn’t have any Peruvian attire, but I did have this quarter-length cardigan that looked kind of Peruvian, so I decided to wear it. In the 30-something degree weather. Quarter-length. Light-weight.

Adding to that, my husband likes to call me cold-blooded. I live in a state of coldness. I also must be part moth, because of my attraction to any kind of flame.

I donned the cardigan and trekked into the cold, dark night. If the dinner wasn’t indoors, I literally would’ve frozen to death. Jacob says that I’d rather freeze than look unfashionable. He brought me his Ducks Unlimited pullover, but I refused to wear it until we got home. He just shakes his head.

I know that compared to other areas, Mississippi does not get that cold. Well, God put me in Mississippi for a reason, because they don’t make clothes warm enough for me in Alaska.

My stepdaughter, Paisley, is hardly ever cold, but last night, after a short and brisk walk to Jacob’s truck from the fellowship hall, she proclaimed, “Daddy, why didn’t you bring my hat?! My ears are freezing! You should’ve brought my hat!” Today, she had on her hat, inside and out. Girls and their clothes. Poor Jacob is in a lose-lose situation, I fear.

One good thing about cold weather is hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top. There’s not a much better feeling than warm sweetness trickling down your throat, warming your whole body. I’ve convinced myself. Think I’ll go make some.

Whether you’re wearing long johns or flip flops today, I pray everyone has a wonderful Mississippi Sunday.

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