Police and sheriff’s reports

Published 9:49pm Saturday, January 11, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department’s report Thursday was as follows:

• Disturbance on Old Wesson Road.

• Open door on Monticello St.

• Suspicious person on Highway 51 North.

• Alarm on Rance Drive.

• Disturbance on Willard St.

• Fight on Highway 51 South.

• Suspicious person on Brookway Blvd.

• Traffic accident on Highway 84 East.

• Intoxicated subject on Highway 51 North.

• Reckless driving on Egypt Circle.

• Disturbance on Brignal Road.

• Property found on Brookway Blvd.

• Public assistance on Jackson St.

• Suspicious vehicle on South Jackson St.

• Disturbance on Union St.

• Suspicious vehicle on Schwen Ave.

• Public assistance on Union St.

• Met complainant on South Fifth St.

• Alarm on North Jackson St.

• Harassment on Union St.

• Alarm on Brookway Blvd.


• One funeral escort.

• Two security escorts.

• One for improper parking.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Thursday was as follows:

• Funeral escort on Highway 583.

• Directed traffic at Jackson Liberty Drive.

• Security escort at State Bank.

• Suspicious person on Wellman Drive.

• Lost or stolen property on South Church St.

• Burglar alarm on Mount Pleasant Lane SE.

• Complaint on Thomas Lane NW.

• Repossession on Summit Drive SW.

• Complaint on Big Creek Drive SW.

• Juvenile transport on Nola Road NE.

• Burglar alarm on Caseyville Road NW.

• Complaint on Overpass Trail SE.

• Disturbance on Hickory Lane SW.

• Disturbance on Overpass Trail SE.

• Suspicious person on Hunsucker Lane NW.

• Complaint on Dixon Lane SE.

• Suspicious person on Highway 51 South.


• One funeral escort.

• One security escort.