Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:58am Thursday, February 20, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department report for Tuesday was as follows:

• Suspicious vehicle on Myra St.

• Alarm on Brookway Blvd.

• Suspicious person on Brookhaven St.

• Alarm on Charlie Lane.

• Suspicious activity on Brookway Blvd.

• Public assistance on Bryant St.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Blvd.

• Traffic stop on Josephine St.

• Traffic stop on Penn St.

• Traffic accident on Highway 51 North.

• Met complainant on West Congress St.

• Ambulance assistance on Brookway Blvd.

• Met complainant on Country Club Road.

• Traffic stop on Zetus Road.

• Vehicle accident on Brookway Blvd.

• Harassment on Jada Trail.

• Vehicle accident on East Monticello St.

• Vandalism on West Congress St.

• Alarm on West Monticello St.

• Traffic stop on Brookway Blvd.

• Threats on Brookway Blvd.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Tuesday was as follows:

• Complaint on Cold Springs Lane SE.

• Complaint on Interstate 55.

• Complaint on Macedonia Road NW.

• Complaint on Rollins Drive NW.

• Directed traffic on Highway 550.

• Funeral escort on New Sight Drive NE.

• Complaint on Newell Road NW.

• Complaint on South Second St.

• Traffic accident on Gill Drive SE.

• Directed traffic on Auburn Drive SW.

• Repossession on Wallace Drive SW.

• Disturbance on Highway 51 SE.

• Suspicious vehicle on Grandview Lane SE.

• Complaint on Upton Trail SE.

• Repossession on Arthur Drive NW.

• Improperly parked vehicle on Norton Assink Road NW.

• Burglar alarm on Zetus Road NW.

• Complaint at King’s Daughters Medical Center.

• Complaint on Hiram Lane NW.


• One funeral escort.