Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 10:23am Tuesday, March 18, 2014


<ParaStyle:8 pt. Helvetica><cTypeface:Bold>POLICE DEPARTMENT

<cTypeface:Plain> The Brookhaven Police Department report for Saturday and Sunday was as follows:

• Met complainant on Vivian Merritt St.

• Alarm on West Chickasaw St.

• Assault on Fred Walley Drive.

• Alarm on Vivian Merritt St.

• Alarm on North Whitworth Ave.

• Disturbance on East Congress St.

• Harassment on East Monticello St.

• Vandalism on West Court St.

• Met complainant on Industrial Park Road.

• Disturbance on Old Wesson Road.

• Harassment on Industrial Park Road.

• Public assistance on Old Brook Road.

• Property found on Highway 51 South.

• Met complainant on Industrial Park Road.

• Suspicious person on South Whitworth Ave.

• Alarm on Union St.

• Suspicious person on Union Street.

• Public assistance on Linton Ave.

• Public assistance on East Monticello St.

• Disturbance on Rogers Circle.

• Disturbance on Brookway Blvd.

• Public assistance on Highway 51 North.

• Public assistance on Cedar St.

• Disturbance on Brookway Blvd.

• Loitering on Fulton St.

• Vehicle accident on Industrial Park Road.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Friday, Saturday and Sunday was as follows:

• Complaint at King’s Daughters Medical Center.

• Repossession on Yellow Pine St.

• Funeral escort on Highway 84.

• Burglar alarm on Chatmon Trail NE.

• Trespassing on Lee Drive SE.

• Transport on Field Lark Lane.

• Complainant stranded in Lincoln County.

• Complaint on Palmetto Trail NW.

• Complaint on East Lincoln Road SE.

• Complaint on Old Red Star Drive.

• Domestic disturbance on Highway 84 West.

• Panic alarm on Highway 84 East.

• Complaint on North Fourth St.

• Complaint on Tarver Trail.

• Repossession on Topisaw Drive SE.

• Theft on Lyndie Trail NW.

• Disturbance on George Trail SW.

• Complaint on Noah Trail NW.

• Complaint on Greenwood Lane SE.

• Burglar alarm on Mallalieu Drive SE.

• Suspicious vehicle on Fox Road SE.

• Theft on Highway 550 NW.

• Complaint on Horse Creek Lane SW.

• Complaint on Highway 583 SE.

• Complaint on Interstate 55 North.

• Complaint at Dollar General.

• Disturbance on Hilltop Lane.

• Burglar alarm on Pricedale Drive SE.

• Complaint on Mission Hill Road NE.

• Domestic disturbance on Allman Trail SW.

• Complaint at Bogue Chitto Truck Stop.

• Burglar alarm on East Lincoln Road SE.

• Burglar alarm on Gum Grove Road SW.

• Complaint on Zetus Road.

• Complaint on Jackson Liberty Drive SW.

• Complaint on Mallalieu Drive.

• Disturbance on Hilltop Lane.

• Juvenile complaint on Freeman Road SE.

• Suspicious vehicle on Lake Lincoln Road.


• One funeral escort.