Police and Sheriff Reports

Published 9:49am Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Brookhaven Police Department report for Saturday and Sunday was unavailable.


The Lincoln County Sheriff Department’s report for Friday, Saturday and Sunday was as follows:

• Burglar alarm on Heucks Retreat Road NE.

• Theft on Dumas Trail NW.

• Vehicle stolen on California Road NW.

• Complaint on Highway 51 North.

• Funeral escort on Highway 84.

• Complaint in Lincoln County.

• Mailbox vandalism on Hilltop Lane NW.

• Complaint in Lincoln County.

• Alarm on Pleasant Grove Road.

• Burglar alarm on Antioch Lane NW.

• Complaint on California Road NW.

• Complaint on Sanders Lane NE.

• Suspicious vehicle on Misty Lane.

• Complaint on Douglas Trail SE.

• Complaint on East Lincoln Road SE.

• Funeral escort on East Lincoln Road SE.

• Burglar alarm on Highway 51 SE.

• Complaint on Allen Road SE.

• Complaint on Gene Road SW.

• Drag racing on Sunset Road NE.

• Complaint on Justice St.

• Complaint on California Road NW.

• Vehicle burglary on Linfrank Line Drive SW.

• Complaint on Pearlie Drive NW.

• Complaint on Zetus Road NW.

• Complaint on Allman Trail SW.

• Complaint on Highway 84.

• Complaint on Zetus Road.

• Complaint on California Road NW.

• Disturbance on Weeks Lane.

• Disturbance on Pillars Trail SE.

• Complaint on James Drive NW.

• Suspicious vehicle at Dollar General.

• Mailbox vandalism on Beeson Drive NE.

• Mailbox vandalism on Heucks Retreat Road NE.

• Mailbox vandalism on Callender Road NE.

• Vandalism on Lake Lincoln Drive NE.

• Vehicle fire on Jordan Drive SW.

• Complaint on Mount Zion Road NE.

• Complaint on Caleb Drive SE.

• Complaint on Big Creek Drive SW.

• Mailbox vandalism on Smith Lake Road NE.

• Complaint on Paxton Lane NW.

• Burglar alarm on Highway 550 NW.


• Two funeral escorts.