Firefighters are commended

Published 11:38pm Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Editor:

Years back, I named myself the absent-minded professor. On last Friday, I proved it. My assistant, Helen Lomax (a great lady) left me with boiling meat for me to drop fresh green beans into the pot about 30 minutes later.

Needless to say, I blew it. Even after my dear Patricia McGee came in to bring my mail and also reminded me of the pot on the stove top, I continued to watch TV in my bedroom absent mindedly.

All of a sudden, I began to smell smoke. I rushed down the hall to hear my alarm system stating, “Smoke in the kitchen and hallway.” The last thing it stated was, “The Fire Department has been contacted.”

At that time, I heard the fire truck arriving at my home. Three of the most well mannered, well groomed, handsome young men came in, assuring me that they would take care of it all. They brought in a very large fan, opened doors and blew the smoke out of my house.

Their names are Capt. Shane Banks, Lt. Jermaine Culver and Firefighter Trey Gennaro. Chief Weeks, you should be proud.

Brookhavenites, we should also stand and be proud of these young men.

Thank you kindly, and with best regards,

Josie Hightower