Movie brings dash of of excitement to town

Published 9:40pm Saturday, July 26, 2014

A drive around town will quickly show something’s going on. First there was an industial-size crane carrying a huge spotlight setting up in the King’s Daughters Medical Center parking lot.

Then this week, little gold-colored signs, not unlike the ones you see directing drivers to garage sales, began cropping up downtown with words like “set” or just a black arrow pointing down a street.

Shoppers, those doing business downtown or fresh produce fans going to the Farmers Market Friday in Railroad Park were sure to notice the hubbub around Janie’s Pastry Shop and Bakery.

Also on Friday, a small army of trucks and trailers could be seen in the parking lot just down from First Baptist Church on Monticello Street. Again, more gold signs pointed toward the impromptu RV site.

What’s it all about? A movie company has come to town. For the first time in decades, Brookhaven is abuzz with movie crews as star and director John Krasinski is filming his new movie, “The Hollars,” here.

Many local residents have answered the casting calls for extras, so we can expect to see a few of our friends and neighbors – and even at least one public official – in a scene or two when the film comes out.

The last movie shot in Brookhaven was “Courtship, ” which came out in 1987. Scenes for that film were shot at the old Moreton house, now owned by the John Lynch family. Local residents recall that the movie crew painted the house gray for the film and then repainted it white.

This time around, Janie’s Pastry Shop has gotten an interior facelift, courtesy of “The Hollars” crew, according to shop owner Janie Strogner. Footage was being shot there at the end of last week.

Who knows what else will get spruced up around town before the filming is done? Meanwhile, having “Hollywood” come to our city has generated more than a little bit of excitement, and we’ve heard a lot of good things about Brookhaven and our local businesses from the movie crew. KDMC and the local police department received particular praise.

Hearing positive feedback from visitors to Brookhaven is always welcome news. Hopefully, they’ll share our hidden secret with others – that we have a jewel of a town overflowing with Southern hospitality.

Makes us want to say, ‘Y’all come back now, you hear.”