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1 killed, 6 hurt in crash

Movie brings dash of of excitement to town

Published 9:40pm Saturday, July 26, 2014
  • mike poe

    I was so happy that I was able to work as a production assist , driver and personal shopper for the cast and crew of ” courtship”. I had a chance to go to New York and watch the team in action .The pay was 600.00 week high for 1987. I went onto Co-lin and worked part time for Sears in Brookhaven then a transfer to Stockton,Ca a job I spent 15 years
    The city of Brookhaven opened thiers door and helped any way they could to help make the casting call was held at the Haven ,Camber office was the customer shop, and to this day I will always rember the office for this movie, the train depot and the trains coming through Brookhaven, when trying to do business on the phone. the staff would stop and take a mini-break then business as normal

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