Arrest Report

Published 10:25am Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lincoln County jail docket for Thursday was as follows:

• Clyde Smith Jr., of Bogue Chitto, 07-21-1951 – arrested by Brookhaven Police Department for aggravated assault. Released.

• Lakeith M. Brown, of 107 Independence St., 12-27-1975 – arrested by Lincoln County Sheriff Department for possession of drug paraphernalia, robbery and conspiracy. In jail.

• Dianne Byrd, of 1879 Nola Road, 01-22-1963 – arrested by BPD for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and possession of drug paraphernalia. Released.

• Michael W. Carroll, of 608 East Independence St., 12-18-1980 – arrested by LCSD for robbery and conspiracy. In jail.

• Christopher Gayton, of 1337 Union St., 01-17-1991 – arrested by BPD for probation violation, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and unpaid fines. In jail.

• Robert E. Hayes, of 3034 Union St., 12-17-1974 – arrested by BPD for possession of controlled substance, shoplifting, resisting arrest, no tag, expired license, disorderly conduct and no proof of insurance. In jail.

• Timothy E. Leggett, of 796 Zetus Road, 08-16-1983 – arrested by BPD for three counts possession of a weapon by convicted felon, simple assault and two counts of possession of marijuana with intent to sell. In jail.

• Ryan F. Lewis, of Monticello, 01-29-1991 – arrested by BPD for grand larceny. In jail.

• Robert W. Liligren, of Walling, 05-05-1951 – arrested by LCSD for first offense DUI. Released.

• Jessica Wade, of 214 Linton Ave., 08-05-1978 – arrested by BPD for disorderly conduct and public drunk. Released.

• Andrew Graham, of 306 Adam St., 02-05-1982 – arrested by LCSD for failure to comply. In jail.

• Bary D. Gray, of 913 South Egypt Circle, 12-28-1977 – arrested by BPD for sale of controlled substance. In jail.

• Fredrick Morgan, of Wesson, 12-16-1974 – arrested by Mississippi Highway Patrol for careless driving and first offense DUI. Released.

• Angela Newsome, of 339 Walnut St., 01-04-1985 – arrested by BPD for contempt of court. In jail.

• John Weeks, of Natchez, 08-19-1962 – arrested by MHP for public drunk. In jail.


Note: An arrest does not constitute guilt for the accused. All individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.