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Birth day bows and wedgeless woes

With nearly 370,000 babies born across the globe every day, you’d think the miracle would wear off. I mean, 15,062 births every hour, 251 every ... Read more

‘The happiest days are when babies come’

Two hours, 58 minutes, and 13 seconds into the movie “Gone with the Wind,” Melanie Wilkes turns to the world’s most famous red petticoat wearer ... Read more

‘Brook-heaven’ – remembering Katrina

There were new kids on my son’s baseball team the spring after Katrina came through. They had regular names like Andrew and Max, but they ... Read more

‘It made us look beyond our doors’

One was just five days old, another had seen a century. Some were business owners, some knew destitution before the devastation. They were retirees, students, ... Read more

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