Kim Henderson

More than we’ll probably ever know

I looked for it there among the Hallmarks and Daysprings but couldn’t find one. Nope, not in the humorous, the religious or even the blank ... Read more

This issue of apathy in modern times

I can go back, if I try real hard, to Speech 101 in a darkened amphitheater on the campus of Memphis’ Rhodes College. That’s where ... Read more

For the love of fine china

Disposable stuff isn’t high on my likes list. I’m the mom who put cloth diapers on her babies and cloth napkins on the supper table. ... Read more

Going to the chapel and we’re . . .

There’s a line in “Pride and Prejudice” in which Mrs. Bennett defends her preoccupation with finding marriage prospects for her girls. “When you have five ... Read more

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