Kim Henderson

Counting the cost of convictions

According to the mug shot taken as she was being booked into her local detention center, Kim Davis stands at a solid five foot, four ... Read more

Acronym anyone? IHH, ENS, STBBITM

Since the officer at my son’s swearing-in ceremony said I’m now part of the military culture, I figure it’s time to get into the lingo. ... Read more

Faith-based movies are filling a void

Life is full of ironies. Who knew that my son, raised in south Mississippi, would one day reside 217 miles north and spend last Saturday ... Read more

Katrina anniversary: 10 years, 10,000 reasons

Even a decade after Katrina slammed the Mississippi Gulf Coast, signs of the “what was” still remain along Highway 90. Concrete slabs, empty lots and ... Read more