Coverage is irresponsible

A recent criminal case in Lincoln County has drawn the attention of media from Jackson, with television stations and newspapers there covering it. That’s nothing ... Read more

Chamber manager leaves strong legacy

After 42 years as the “glue” of the Chamber of Commerce, office manager Pam Cartwright will retire at the end of the year. By all ... Read more

Shared personnel records could help

When it comes to matters involving anything that could be considered “personnel” related, government agencies tend to err on the side of providing less information, ... Read more

City leads effort for property clean up

In a perfect world, the city would never have to get involved in cleaning unkempt properties. Property owners would always have the means and ability ... Read more

BTC prepares for the future

What most of us know as “vo-tech” has changed through the years. At one time, vocational and technical programs at high schools only taught things ... Read more

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