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1 killed, 6 hurt in crash


Faster internet brings higher home prices

Does access to high-speed Internet affect home prices? According to The Wall Street Journal, the answer is yes. “As the Internet becomes central to the ... Read more

It takes a community to teach a child

Educating the children of the community is a responsibility that can’t fall to the public school system alone. Though the school system’s job is to ... Read more

Remember safety this holiday weekend

There are countless ways to get hurt this weekend — fireworks, traveling, boating, alcohol. It can be a deadly combination. Though most of us grew ... Read more

Celebrating the birth of a nation

In a few days, our great nation will turn 239. Throughout our nation’s relatively brief history, America’s military has fought to ensure that a nation ... Read more

Texting and driving ban will make roads safer

Starting Wednesday, Mississippi will join most other states in banning texting while driving. The new law prohibits drivers from writing, sending or reading text messages, emails ... Read more

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