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Loyd Star

Greetings Readers, God speaks to our hearts about gratitude and thanksgiving in Psalm 100:4 and 147:7 and 1 Timothy 4:4 and they read: “Enter his ... Read more

Preventing stress is within your control

Stress is going to happen. Making sure that stress has the least negative impact on our health is partially about removing it, if we can, ... Read more

The negative impact of chronic stress

Patient, heal thyself.  This is a statement that we have all heard and is probably a riff on a verse found in the book of ... Read more

Loyd Star

Greeting Readers, Matthew 25:21 speaks about God’s words about work, and they read: Jesus said, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant! You have been ... Read more

Loyd Star

Greeting Readers, God speaks to the heart of his people in James 1: 17 about talents as a gift, and they read: “Every good and ... Read more

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