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Outside the comfort zone

One thing about working in the newspaper business is that there’s no such thing as a comfort zone. There’s no such thing as the same ... Read more

The Facebook effect

With today’s 24-hour news cycle, sometimes it can seem impossible to get away from the dank and depressing. It’s a cycle I grew up in. ... Read more

Misty Copeland presents both power, femininity

Recently Under Armour began running a commercial featuring Misty Copeland, a ballerina in the American Ballet Theatre. The commercial sends a powerful message, not only ... Read more

Sweet tea and thunderstorms

I love the South. I love fried chicken and sweet tea. I love the sense of home that comes from a twangy voice. I love ... Read more

Are you ready for some football?

School is back in session and that means one thing. Football is just around the corner. Now, preseason NFL has already begun, but pro-football has ... Read more

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