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Union Church

The month of July has been interesting to say the least. Hot, humid days has been the norm for our area, and we are longing ... Read more

Taking advantage of the college experience

As a general rule, I try not to be envious of other people. I know that though there are amazing aspects of my friends’ lives, ... Read more

Loyd Star

Greeting Readers, God holy words speaks to his people about the power of prayers for the believers in John 15 :7. Jesus said, “If you ... Read more

Excess, abstinence, moderation

I was lying in bed angry at myself as the alarm clock buzzed. I had strained my calves two days before with this crazy idea ... Read more

Union Church

July is the month for delicious vegetables and fruit. Bountifully supplied by friends and my tiny garden, I have enjoyed delicious blueberries, tomatoes and sweet ... Read more

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