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Importance of a father

At first this week’s column seemed easy. Topic? Father’s Day, of course. Generally, that’s the hardest part, but for me it wasn’t so cut and ... Read more

Coping with changes

It’s hard to get through life without facing changes at some point or another. Graduating, moving back home and starting a new job all within ... Read more

A trip down memory lane

Well, my first two weeks are in the books. At times, it’s felt a lot more like a month. Between jumping right back in with ... Read more

Slick, southern streets and snow cleats

It’s been a slippery week. Several members of the Boyd family fell victim to the slick, frozen sheets covering Mississippi ground. And I literally mean ... Read more

Living the oilfield life and loving the oilfield man

It’s not easy being an oilfield wife. Missing holidays and birthdays with the one you love. Worrying about his safety on a rig full of ... Read more

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