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Two years ago today, I waited in the airport for my flight to Quebec. The night before I hadn’t been able to sleep, probably a ... Read more

Importance of involvement

Joining a club or organization usually seems like a small thing at first, a way to pass the time, make friends – because a parent ... Read more

Popular series confronts modern expectations

One Sunday afternoon in March, one of my best friends and I decided to go see “Divergent” in theaters. Farrah was about to leave for ... Read more

Importance of a father

At first this week’s column seemed easy. Topic? Father’s Day, of course. Generally, that’s the hardest part, but for me it wasn’t so cut and ... Read more

Coping with changes

It’s hard to get through life without facing changes at some point or another. Graduating, moving back home and starting a new job all within ... Read more

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