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October campaign promotes road safety

The Mississippi Highway Patrol has started a new campaign to raise awareness of distracted driving and reduce the number of traffic fatalities, especially among teenage ... Read more

Burn ban in place to ensure safety

Though it might be tempting to dismiss the county’s burn ban as unnecessary, please don’t. Lincoln County is in what weather forecasters have classified as ... Read more

Cadence and a cast of characters

When we finally piled out of the rented Ford Transit that had brought us across four states, two time zones and the entrance of the ... Read more

Bad timing for start of paving project

What was the thinking regarding a major resurfacing project that was begun on the busiest day of the year, Friday, Oct. 2, in one of ... Read more

Brookhaven fire department goes above call of duty

Hartley Gove Sons thermometer company was sold to our best customer and moved to their factory in Cochranton, Pennsylvania in early July. At a later ... Read more

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