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Time to address poverty

More than a third of Lincoln County’s children live in poverty. That’s a shocking statistic that should open our eyes to the need right here ... Read more

10 years later, Katrina’s effect on education

Among the many remembrances and reflections on the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast, one of particular interest is the discussion of its ... Read more

When times get tough, humanity shines through

Ten years ago, when Katrina slammed ashore, I was in Houston, Texas watching it unfold on television. The nightly news was inundated with images of ... Read more

Comic stories get lost in translation

Bomb: 1 (noun) An explosive devise designed to cause extensive loss of life and monetary damages. 2 (geek / movies) yeah … pretty much that. ... Read more

In tragedy, area bonded together

In tragedy, area bonded together

We had planned an early pressrun that Monday morning 10 years ago. Our goal was to allow sufficient time for our newspaper carriers to be ... Read more

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