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Here’s a word for cops – thanks

I thought I’d be writing about something really important this week – what husbands shouldn’t buy their wives for Christmas. My goal was to give ... Read more

Pantry drive gives opportunity to help others

It’s Christmas. There is no other time of year quite like Christmas. You can see the excitement and happiness in folk’s eyes and hear it ... Read more

Facebook is a cesspool

Facebook! My wife, sons, employees and maybe some of you have heard me make this statement. To be sure, it is a place where some ... Read more

Conversations and questions

It was a Tuesday night when I, along with the rest of America, discovered that yet another white police officer would go unpunished for taking ... Read more

A Christmas you can’t decorate

I am no holiday overachiever. I appreciate those who hang their wreaths on the door just hours after what’s left of the Thanksgiving turkey is ... Read more

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