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Appreciation for utility workers

Dear Editor: I watched the electric power people last week; these are very skilled people with modern equipment. They are really heroes, when you realize ... Read more

All are neighbors in the body of Christ

Dear Editor, Thank you for accepting letters from us concerned citizens as well as the articles of local news, the instruction to families and news ... Read more

Highway seen as priority, not a new youth baseball complex

Dear Editor, I am responding to the editorial in the Sunday, May 11, paper. It seems that public officials only have a dim view on ... Read more

Failure of bill a shame

Dear Editor: Late last Wednesday night (April 2), House Bill 484, which would have made it illegal for any driver to text and drive, died ... Read more

Firefighters are commended

Dear Editor: Years back, I named myself the absent-minded professor. On last Friday, I proved it. My assistant, Helen Lomax (a great lady) left me ... Read more

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