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Reader praises BPD officers for their help

I would like for Chief Bell and all Brookhavenites to know and meet officers George Lambright and Luther Wilson, great telephone helpers at the station. ... Read more

Resident disagrees with letter against Sen. Doty

Dear Mr. President/Publisher, It is baffling to the extreme that you published a letter from a  group attacking Sen. Doty for using a tragedy to ... Read more

Community should come together against violence

I’ve been thinking in awe. What can I do and say to make a difference in the lives of my young brothers? I’ve thought about ... Read more

Voters beware of NAGR mailers

Dear Editor, It appears the NAGR (National Association of Gun Rights) is all hat and no cattle, just as I suspected pretty early on. Their ... Read more

Teaching forgiveness is key to preventing violence

In an unforgiving society characterized by anger and violence, it is not surprising that Brookhaven is not immune to the malaise reflected in unaccustomed violence ... Read more

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