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Doty’s divorce bill was needed

Should domestic violence be an additional ground for divorce? Most reasonable people would agree that it should be. Victims of domestic violence are often trapped ... Read more

It’s about not returning void

Honesty and integrity out the roof. That’s what Marcus Peagler told a group of students gathered in Clinton last weekend they should have – must ... Read more

Taking marriage vows to heart

Picture it: You walk into the store not expecting to find anything but then there they are — the perfect pair of jeans. The ones ... Read more

Gardening season has arrived

Though I have never broken ground with a mule and plow, the tiller I spent three hours behind recently kicked as much and was as ... Read more

SUVs, CUVs and my day as a low rider

I raised five kids in the second and third rows of a 1997 Chevy Suburban. When we finally sold it, there were 394,000 miles on ... Read more