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Should creationism be taught in schools?

A bill making its way through the legislative process would allow public school teachers to introduce alternate theories to touchy topics like the theory of ... Read more

Valentines and the two-fold approach

My friend T. wondered if that man of hers even took the time to read them, the notes she tucked in his shirt pocket every ... Read more

Incentives for tire plant are excessive

The price tag to attract a $1.45 billion, 2,500-job Continental AG tire plant to Hinds County continues to climb. An Associated Press analysis shows about ... Read more

Pasta, pasta everywhere (and lots of pizza)

Son No. 1 took himself a wife with wanderlust in her blood, and he knew it full well when he married her. On college break, ... Read more

You might be a redneck

So we were going to church last Wednesday night when this deer decided to cross Sontag-Nola Road at the precise second her personal GPS coordinates ... Read more