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Faith-based movies are filling a void

Life is full of ironies. Who knew that my son, raised in south Mississippi, would one day reside 217 miles north and spend last Saturday ... Read more

When times get tough, humanity shines through

Ten years ago, when Katrina slammed ashore, I was in Houston, Texas watching it unfold on television. The nightly news was inundated with images of ... Read more

Comic stories get lost in translation

Bomb: 1 (noun) An explosive devise designed to cause extensive loss of life and monetary damages. 2 (geek / movies) yeah … pretty much that. ... Read more

Time to consider gun regulations

Another day, another high-profile fatal shooting. This time two journalists were murdered on live television.  Below is a portion of a column of mine that ... Read more

Katrina anniversary: 10 years, 10,000 reasons

Even a decade after Katrina slammed the Mississippi Gulf Coast, signs of the “what was” still remain along Highway 90. Concrete slabs, empty lots and ... Read more

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