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Time to fight back against unprovoked violence

Why do we as a society resort to extreme violence over trivial matters? A customer pulled out a gun and shot and killed an employee ... Read more

Rock on, holiday travelers

The temperature was 50 degrees and falling fast last week when Flight 5270 finally landed, depositing me and a dozen other passengers on a tarmac ... Read more

Community college provides opportunity to explore

As a college student, possessing some direction about one’s academic pursuits is usually a good thing. But there’s much to be said for exploring what ... Read more

Where’s the compassion for refugees?

It seems the partisan line has been drawn over the issue of accepting Syrian refugees. More than half of the nation’s governors have said they ... Read more

Watch your tone: the deal with diphthongs

I have this sister-in-law who can hold her own in five languages. She would insist it’s really only four (two are different dialects of her ... Read more

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