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‘Tis the season (and how sweet it is)

It’s a Christmas tradition we’ve kept as long as I can remember, that of baking sugar cookies and dolling them up with sprinkles and whatever ... Read more

Here’s a word for cops – thanks

I thought I’d be writing about something really important this week – what husbands shouldn’t buy their wives for Christmas. My goal was to give ... Read more

Facebook is a cesspool

Facebook! My wife, sons, employees and maybe some of you have heard me make this statement. To be sure, it is a place where some ... Read more

Conversations and questions

It was a Tuesday night when I, along with the rest of America, discovered that yet another white police officer would go unpunished for taking ... Read more | 1 comment

A Christmas you can’t decorate

I am no holiday overachiever. I appreciate those who hang their wreaths on the door just hours after what’s left of the Thanksgiving turkey is ... Read more

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