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A happy Christmas to all

As Southerners, we pride ourselves on good manners, generosity and insisting on “merry Christmas” instead of “happy holidays.” Or so we thought. According to the ... Read more

The Christ of the carols

Maneuvering the minefield of December obligations can be tricky. There’s that family thing on Saturday and the church fellowship Sunday night. Cookie swap on Tuesday, ... Read more

Salvation Army provides much needed service

Editor’s note: Portions of this column were previously published by Luke Horton. Bells will be ringing, and by the time Christmas rolls around they might ... Read more

Rural Internet comes up short

A man in rural Nepal recently brought Internet to 60,000 of his neighbors. “Fed up with the fact that he had to hike for two ... Read more

Why so much violence?

Why do we as a society resort to extreme violence over trivial matters? A customer pulled out a gun and shot and killed an employee ... Read more