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Time to consider gun regulations

Another day, another high-profile fatal shooting. This time two journalists were murdered on live television.  Below is a portion of a column of mine that ... Read more

Katrina anniversary: 10 years, 10,000 reasons

Even a decade after Katrina slammed the Mississippi Gulf Coast, signs of the “what was” still remain along Highway 90. Concrete slabs, empty lots and ... Read more

No child is safe from evil of the world

As the Islamic State continues to attract Westerners to its horrific cause, a report about the group’s use of sex slavery stands out as particularly ... Read more

Update from the Island (as in Parris)

In an instant messaging world, the only link we currently have to our youngest son, a Marine in the making, is a stack of 10 ... Read more

Facebook picture can rattle even the most stoic

When I first saw the photo on Facebook, I was more than a little shocked. Do we really have 5-foot rattlesnakes in Lincoln County? Andrew ... Read more

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