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Making the ultimate sacrifice

You may have missed it, with headlines last week focused on the attack in Brussels and the U.S. take down of a senior ISIS leader. ... Read more

An odd Easter tradition

My family’s Easter traditions were unusual to say the least. The oddity of digging holes in the backyard so the Easter bunny could leave chocolate ... Read more

Confessions of a youth retreat chaperone

I joked with my daughter that I should title this column, “We be peelin.’” It would be a clever play on words, I explained, between ... Read more

Right to privacy vs. free press

At first glance, a jury’s decision to award Hulk Hogan $115 million in a sex tape lawsuit makes sense. Hogan sued after Gawker Media posted ... Read more

Facing rejection: my day in court

I have a great respect for all things pertaining to jury duty. I obtained it in the Clay County Courthouse nearly 20 years ago while ... Read more