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The non-geek’s guide to buying geek gifts: 2 of 4

Video Games: 1. (noun) a game played by electronically manipulating images produced by a computer program on a television screen or other display screen. 2. ... Read more

Of boots and Black Friday

We were strategizing around a coffee table littered with sales papers and ginger snap crumbs when my son, a mere bystander, had the audacity to ... Read more

Just a step

It starts with a step – a single solitary step. It seems so easy, but it’s not. What is it about working out that is ... Read more

The non-geek’s guide to buying geek gifts: 1 of 4

Comic Books: 1. (noun) a magazine containing sequences of comic strips. 2. (geek) art of the finest quality that only the discerning eye can truly ... Read more

Talents abound, but must be cultivated

<ParaStyle:Normal> Sometimes it can be easy to get in a pattern, in a zone. Whether it’s at work, school, the gym or church, sometimes we ... Read more

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