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Oct. 31 and the Luther scoop

Beverly Thompson was one of my high school’s all-time best teachers. That’s not to say Ms. H’s “j-k-l-semicolon” typing drills haven’t stood the test of ... Read more

Inappropriate communication a growing problem

The week’s news from around the state brought the usual mix of stories — education funding battles, crime, government problems, politicians bickering, etc. But during ... Read more

The ‘union’ in a family reunion

The wind was whipping last Saturday, so much so that it made a pair of roof turbines sitting atop the Henderson homestead in Piave dance ... Read more

A real fireplace on a cold morning is special

Though the temperature has approached nowhere near cold, we have already lit two fires in the Horton house this fall. There were a couple chilly ... Read more

Playing bingo like they mean it

Don’t be fooled by the bottle—top tokens. Over at Brook Manor, they play bingo like they mean it. “0—68” (long pause). “N—32” (long pause). There ... Read more

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