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Education includes learning common sense

Students returned to school this past week to begin another year of learning and preparation for life in our constantly changing world. As I think ... Read more

Thought needed to prevent gender roles

Every time I stroll through the aisle of Wally World it is a brand new experience. I see people from every demographic. The questionable ensembles, ... Read more

Recollections on work done post-Katrina

Katrina can find Edward Murphy most anywhere, even when he’s miles away from the memories, enjoying the comforts of one of Porches Restaurant’s wicker gliders ... Read more

How do they do it? They took the first step

Saturday evening, the lights will come on, the Ferris wheel and the carousel will turn and the annual Exchange Club Fair will get underway. With ... Read more

Culinary degree program partnership offers area students career options

Career-specific degree programs are becoming increasingly important as employers look for workers who have the necessary knowledge and skills to go to work from day ... Read more

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