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Loose canons sink movies

Cannon: (noun) a large gun that shoots heavy metal or stone balls Canon: (literary) established storyline details that are recognized as truth within a literary ... Read more

The sweet life of a rebel

There is a special glow hovering over the people who call Mississippi home. It was a truly special week, and we are still grinning from ... Read more

Canyon not so wide, after all

The emotion surprised me, the one that had us feeling like foreigners in our own national parks. It was a recognition that hit us early ... Read more

MMOFPSRPG and other letters

MMOFPSRPG – (acronym) 1.) Multi member online first person shooter role playing game. 2.) May make onliners forget people still require proper grooming. If you ... Read more

Former mayor’s death marks the end of life filled with community service.

It was fitting that Harold Samuels’ last drive through Brookhaven Monday afternoon was a winding path through the community he loved so much. That last ... Read more

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