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Watch your tone: the deal with diphthongs

I have this sister-in-law who can hold her own in five languages. She would insist it’s really only four (two are different dialects of her ... Read more

Rural communities hit hard by hospital closures

At least nine rural Mississippi hospitals are at risk of closing, according to a new study. Hospitals in Covington, Holmes, Tippah, Attala, Adams, Noxubee, Tallahatchie, ... Read more

Thanks, veterans: Freedom is not free

Bought my dad a Veteran’s Day card this year, first time ever. The note I wrote inside tells the why: “Dear Dad, I have a ... Read more

The red battle of Mount Zion

Looking out my front door I count at least 12 red hills rising from the ground. Inside each one is a small army determined to ... Read more

Delta drive-through: Why haven’t you?

This past summer a certain teenager I know happened to mention she’d never been to the Delta. “Really?” I countered, mentally checking off which kids ... Read more