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Stop the objectification – #askhermore

There are some truly wonderful moments during the Hollywood awards nights. Audiences across America are drawn to their television sets to see who will win ... Read more

‘Brook-heaven’ – remembering Katrina

There were new kids on my son’s baseball team the spring after Katrina came through. They had regular names like Andrew and Max, but they ... Read more

Entering the freshman year of life

For the past week I’ve had this feeling like I have forgotten something. It gets worse and worse everyday. It’s one of those feelings that ... Read more

Igniting a passion for the arts

All things artistic are picking up around Brookhaven. The week kicked off with news about a new Lincoln County Choral Society that’s looking for talented ... Read more

‘From sun up until we couldn’t see’

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of columns reflecting on the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina in the local area. It took going ... Read more

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