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40s club gets a new member

“Almost time,” the server down on West Cherokee mouthed at me silently, moving to join her posse of pizza toters behind a customer unaware. Good ... Read more

Parris Island in July: Part 2

So here’s what happens when you send your son off to Marine boot camp. First, you learn not to call it boot camp. It’s recruit ... Read more

Excess, abstinence, moderation

I was lying in bed angry at myself as the alarm clock buzzed. I had strained my calves two days before with this crazy idea ... Read more

Courts should err on the side of life

First, let me get this out of the way: I’m against abortion. I think it’s repulsive and should be banned. I have debated those who ... Read more

Sunny and ‘70s: Once upon a summer

“Haven’t seen you running much lately,” the neighbor from down the street commented, little knowing he’d hit a nerve, perhaps my last one of the ... Read more

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