Opinion Columnists

Officials wise to open shelter

We’re not exactly sure what changed, but we’re thankful that city and county officials decided to open the FEMA building as a shelter when storms ... Read more

Dear Marine: a tale of 28 care packages

I knew our mechanic’s wife was on to something when I heard about the buzz her mail generated. The candy was nice and the Cracker ... Read more

A morning in Justice Court was enlightening

If you’ve never been to Justice Court, you’re missing a fascinating and up-close view of the local justice system. I recently was subpeonaed as a ... Read more

Approach to budget change unfair

District 1 Supervisor Rev. Jerry Wilson is upset about how the county will now split road and bridge funds. We understand his frustration. The Board ... Read more

Unhitching from the crazy train

Christian counselor Julie Sparkman says the title for her popular women’s conference – “Unhitching from the Crazy Train” – came from a piece of advice ... Read more