MMOFPSRPG and other letters

MMOFPSRPG – (acronym) 1.) Multi member online first person shooter role playing game. 2.) May make onliners forget people still require proper grooming. If you ... Read more

Former mayor’s death marks the end of life filled with community service.

It was fitting that Harold Samuels’ last drive through Brookhaven Monday afternoon was a winding path through the community he loved so much. That last ... Read more

Westward ho and here we go

My son tells me we are above Kansas as I finish off the last of the chicken nuggets. Since they (the nuggets) were obtained at ... Read more

A letter: Dear men of mine

In spite of what the thermometer may say to the contrary, the calendar says summer wrapped up yesterday, and at our house it has been ... Read more

Mt. Zion mission remains the same

Bittersweet. That’s how Jan Williams describes the service last Sunday – the very last one – in the red brick sanctuary of Brookhaven’s Mt. Zion ... Read more

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