What’s the next step?

Several weeks ago in an op-ed piece in this newspaper regarding the importance of ultra high-speed fiber optic service to the future economic development of ... Read more

Cutting inmate programs does not restore faith in MDOC

New Department of Corrections Commissioner Marshall Fisher has a tough job ahead of him. Restoring trust in the department after the Chris Epps disaster will ... Read more

Debate over Common Core gets out of hand

The Common Core debacle just keeps getting sillier. After an uproar over the new academic standards, state legislators passed a bill that would distance Mississippi ... Read more

Earthquake safety tips

Hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, floods – we’re familiar with Mother Nature’s fury here in Mississippi. But earthquakes? We can now add earthquakes to the list of ... Read more

City releases information about C Spire negotiations

We feel that a recent letter to The Daily Leader does not present a true picture of the negotiations between C Spire and the Mayor ... Read more

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