Voters should make decisions on facts

Politics can be ugly.  But locally, they aren’t usually as deceptive and vicious as what we’ve seen lately. An out-of-state group has spent big bucks ... Read more

Stop the violence. Enough is enough, not another one

Stop the violence. Enough is enough, not another one

We, The Daily Leader, add our voice to the growing chorus of “Stop the violence” and “Enough is enough, not another one.” There have been ... Read more

Tragedy strikes again with another shooting

Though the details are few, we know this much: Our country has suffered another mass shooting at the hands of a deranged individual. This time ... Read more

Hunger doesn’t take a vacation

One of the most powerful things we can do to build a brighter future for America’s kids is to give them the nutrition they need ... Read more

Be proactive and protect property

We don’t live in Mayberry, so it’s good idea to lock your vehicles or at least keep the valuables out of sight. That’s the message ... Read more

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