State officials miss opportunity to take stand on flag

Should Mississippi’s state flag continue to carry the Confederate emblem? It’s a straight-forward question, but it’s surprising how many politicians have struggled to answer it ... Read more

Paddles up: adventure on the Okatoma

Let me say early on that if you don’t enjoy the outdoors or possess instant recall of song lyrics from the ‘70s, you may want ... Read more

Changing state flag would be step forward

It was inevitable. As soon as calls were rightly made to take down the Confederate flag from in front of the South Carolina state house, ... Read more

A rallying point for racism or history?

What to do with the Confederate flag? That’s the question South Carolina is now facing following the racially motivated massacre at a historically black church. ... Read more

Happy Father’s Day

Though mothers often get the majority of society’s appreciation, dads are pretty important as well.  We won’t delve into the data here, but it’s been ... Read more

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