Drill Team: flipping for Philippians

Driving past First Baptist last Tuesday afternoon, you might have been surprised to find its east parking lot filled. You may have even noticed that ... Read more

Navigating the child abuse cycle

The child was only 2-years-old at the time. I was 23. I knew his name but little else about him, except that his mother had ... Read more

Fiber could bring edge to Brookhaven

A few miles south of downtown Brookhaven on First Street is a historical marker. It marks the location of Ole Brook – the original site ... Read more

Highlighting the positives in Brookhaven

From award-winning T-shirt designs to a 100th birthday celebration, there was plenty of good news in our area this week. Here’s a quick look back ... Read more

Mississippi Scholars helps create better work force

Lincoln County students who have completed the Mississippi Scholars program will be honored this weekend at an awards ceremony and reception. And while that’s special ... Read more

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