A rallying point for racism or history?

What to do with the Confederate flag? That’s the question South Carolina is now facing following the racially motivated massacre at a historically black church. ... Read more

Happy Father’s Day

Though mothers often get the majority of society’s appreciation, dads are pretty important as well.  We won’t delve into the data here, but it’s been ... Read more

Laws can’t change the human heart

Following the tragedy in Charleston, S.C., it’s prudent to ask: Would tougher gun regulations have prevented this unimaginable horror? It’s the same question we ask ... Read more

More than we’ll probably ever know

I looked for it there among the Hallmarks and Daysprings but couldn’t find one. Nope, not in the humorous, the religious or even the blank ... Read more

Recent Coast ordinance proves over-reach

When it comes to environmental and preservation protections, governments can sometimes get carried away.  The federal government is often criticized for its far-reaching regulations, but ... Read more

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