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Reports give water systems good reviews

Brookhaven and Lincoln County citizens can rest assured theirdrinking water is safe, according to recent consumer confidencereports distributed or published by local water systems.

Lanny Dickey, Brookhaven Water Department Superintendent, saidcopies of the report were sent to approximately 4,100 citycustomers earlier this month.

“It’s no problem with the water. It’s just something every watersystem’s got to do,” Dickey said about the reports.

Dickey said this was the second year for the consumer confidencereports. In populations with more than 10,000, reports must bemailed to customers; otherwise, the report may be published in thenewspaper.

“It’s to let customers know what’s happened with their watersystems the previous year,” Dickey said.

Brookhaven results found no violations of radioactive, inorganicand volatile inorganic contaminant levels. Dickey said he hasreceived no feedback from customers regarding the reports.

Officials with other water systems also said they had received”very little” response from customers.

Janet Kirtfield, general manager of Topisaw Creek WaterAssociation, said one customer made a reference to the report in aconversation.

“He let me know he had read it, but that’s it,” Kirtfieldsaid.

Topisaw’s report was published in the newspaper and, because anannual meeting mailing notice was needed, Kirtfield said the reportwas also mailed to the association’s approximately 1,160 customers.The report found no violations in Topisaw water service.

“Everything’s fine,” Kirtfield said.

Lincoln Rural Water Association, which serves around 4,000customers in Lincoln, Lawrence and Copiah counties, published itsreport in the newspaper, said Billy Walker, general manager. Hesaid one or two questions about language in the report was the onlyresponse he had received.

“It’s been pretty quiet,” Walker said. “We’ve had a couple ofcomments, but not many. And that’s good.”

According to its report, all of Lincoln Rural’s well were fine,Walker said.

“It’s all all right, and we’re proud it is,” Walker said.