Couple enjoys life on the road

Published 5:00 am Monday, August 21, 2000

WESSON — Having a second home has made for many interestingexperiences over the last few years for a retired Wessoncouple.

Marie M. and Jackie B. Britt have been able to see the majorityof the United States while still living in the comfort of theirhome, a recreational vehicle (RV) they named “Honey.”

The Britts say owning their own motor home makes travel muchmore relaxing and fun because they don’t have to live out of theirsuitcases. They simply drive to their vacation destination, find anRV park nearby and set up house.

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“We were called crazy for doing this, but we don’t care. We loveit,” said Mrs. Britt.

They are able to have all the luxuries of living in a house intheir 34-foot RV, which houses a generator, water tanks and sewertank. The RV also has a living room with a television, bedroom,bathroom, dining area and a kitchen with a refrigerator, stove,sink and microwave.

“It’s fully-contained,” said Mrs. Britt. “It’s got everything weneed.”

When the motor home isn’t on the way to places such asCalifornia, Colorado, North Dakota, Missouri, Wyoming, Nebraska andCanada, it is stationed in a special area just 50 yards away fromthe Britts’ house in Wesson.

The Britts are living in the RV right now while their house,which they bought a year ago, undergoes renovation.

They say when their house, which is occupied by their daughter,is complete, they will move in, but will miss the smaller livingspace offered by the motor home.

“This is a lot easier to clean,” said Mr. Britt. “You don’t havemuch to do to keep such a small space in order.”

The Britts know they may have to live in the RV for some time,so they have tried to create a homeplace look by putting a metalcover over the RV parking area and surrounding it with lattice.

“After we had the motor home pad built, we had a metal buildingbuilt for our garage and laundry room,” said Mrs. Britt, alsomentioning a front porch area.

The motor home parking area allows the Britts to hook up towater, telephone, electricity and sewer lines.

“Honey” provides a convenient home for the Britts off the roadand on the road. They are looking forward to facing the open roadsoon with a trip to Niagara Falls, New Brunswick, Prince EdwardIsland and Nova Scotia.

The Britts have been enjoying trips in some form of arecreational vehicle for seven years.

“Our first camping together was in a travel trailer, then wemoved up to a Winnebago and from that we bought a ’98 Allegro,”said Mr. Britt about their numerous road trips.

The Britts hope for many more years of travel and life in theirRV.