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Panthers make debut at Vicksburg

Showtime has arrived. The Brookhaven Panthers make their 2000debut Friday night at Vicksburg. Kickoff is 7:30.

Showtime has arrived. The Brookhaven Panthers make their 2000debut Friday night at Vicksburg. Kickoff is 7:30.

Brookhaven head coach Greg Wall said his Panthers are anxious toplay an opponent after three grueling weeks of preseason practice.”Considering the heat, I think our kids are ready to play a game.You don’t know where you are for sure until you play a game.”

Wall said his players have had plenty of water breaks duringpractice to help cope with the record-setting heat wave. “Ourmanagers, Glenn Blue and Maceo Nelson, have been working hard tokeep the players filled with water.”

Wall and several members of his staff made the trip to watchVicksburg play Greenwood last Friday night. “They have a lot ofskill people with a lot of speed.

“That is our biggest concern, trying to matchup with theirspeed,” Wall continued. “They have played a game and might be inbetter condition.”

There are 39 players on Brookhaven’s varsity squad.


Wall provided the starting lineup for Friday night’sgame. At quarterback, Corey Wilson (6-2, 211, sr.) will be backedup by Fred Perkins (6-3, 210, sr.) and Josh Townsend (5-10, 164,soph.).

At running back, Cornelius Allen (5-7, 180, jr.) is theveteran and Maurice Parker (5-9, 160, soph.) backs him. SophomoreJosh Anderson (5-11, 171) is at fullback. At wingback is KendellNickelson (5-9, 145, soph.).

In the offensive line are Randy Jackson (6-2, 232, sr.)at right tackle, Kern Hoff (6-1, 230, jr.) at right guard, ScottFranklin (5-9, 178, jr.) and John Foster (5-10, 218, sr.) atcenter, Maurice Suggs (5-9, 216, sr.) at left guard and RayshaunAutman (6-5, 276, jr.) at left tackle. Other linemen to see dutyare Jason Smith (6-1, 246, soph.), Shane Price (5-9, 185, soph.)and Adam Furlow (5-11, 210, jr.).

At split end are senior Tarik Williams (6-3, 182) andjunior Seth Flynn (5-9, 165). Other receivers are Nick Downs (6-0,195, soph.), Matthew Morse (5-11, 143, sr.), andParker.

At tight end are Billy Williams (6-1, 195, jr.) andWilson.

Working as placekicker is sophomore Ben Giust (6-3,180), a newcomer to the team. “He’s a soccer player who has reallybeen working hard trying to catch up,” said Wall. “He has a strongleg and I think he’ll do a good job for us.”


At defensive end are Don Expose (6-2, 215, sr.), BrianMitchell (5-11, 193, jr.) and Julius Lloyd (5-10, 175, soph.). Atdefensive tackle are Nick Smith (6-2, 218, sr.), Steven Lloyd (5-9,219, sr.) Tremell McArthur (5-10, 196, soph.) and Daniel Walker(6-3, 233, soph.).

Linebackers are Perry Brumfield (6-0, 210, 6-0, 210,sr.), Ron Mackabee (5-9, 160, sr.), Anderson andExpose.

At cornerback, are Marcus Foxworth (5-9, 155, sr.) onthe left and Thomas Barlow (5-9, 135, sr.) on the rightside.

At safety are Emanuel Perkins (6-1, 185, soph.) and FredPerkins. Backing them are Zachary Jones (5-8, 148, soph.) and JoshCrawford (5-11, 150, soph.)

Brookhaven’s punter is Maurice Parker.


Vicksbvrg Coach James Knox is anticipating a successfulseason. The Gators beat Greenwood 21-20 last Friday in their seasonopener, taking a 21-7 lead in the third quarter.

The Gators run a flank-slot offense, similar to someSWAC teams.

Defense is a problem for the Gators. Last year they cameto Brookhaven’s King Field and escaped with a 49-41 season-openingvictory. They finished 7-5, advancing to the Class 5A stateplayoffs.

Vicksburg’s front line is intimidating. The offensiveline averages 300 pounds. Their biggest starters are tackles JuniorNix (6-2, 347) and Andre Bennett (6-4, 350). Both arejuniors.

Leading the Gators on offense is senior wingback TerryCooper (6-3, 190). Cooper participated in the Bowden Football Campat Troy, Ala.

Quarterbacking the Gators is Antonio Rainey (6-1, 175),a senior who runs well. Backing him is sophomore Justin Henry (6-1,159). Henry won a passing award at the Bowden Camp.

Panther Paws: After playing Vicksburg, the Panthersreturn home to host Franklin County, one of four home games onBrookhaven’s King Field this season.