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Lawrence Co. Boys and Girls Club planseptember trial run

MONTICELLO — Boys and Girls Club volunteers are eagerlyawaiting the results of the program’s trial run later thismonth.

“We’re inviting the parents to come participate or observealso,” said Linda Jackson, the program’s coordinator.

The club will sponsor the trial days at Topeka-Tilton SchoolSept. 19, Monticello Junior High Sept. 20 and New Hebron SchoolSept. 21.

“I’m excited about it,” Jackson said. “It’s going to answer anyquestions anyone may have about how the Boys and Girls Clubactivities are going to be run.”

The trial days will be handled the same as when the program isofficially running, Jackson said. They are being held to allowparents the opportunity to see what their children will be doing ifenrolled and to work out any program glitches before its officialopening.

The Boys and Girls Club is expected to be running byJanuary.

Enrollment forms are scheduled to be sent home with students onTuesday, Sept. 5. The forms must be filled out by the parent andreturned with the student for them to be enrolled in the club.

“We need the child and the parents to fill out the form andreturn it as soon as they can because we need to know how manystudents are going to participate,” Jackson said. “We need to knowso we can assign our volunteers. The law requires we have a certainnumber of volunteers for a certain number of students.”

Jackson said she is expecting a large turnout of studentsparticipating in the program.

“The school principals have told us enthusiasm for the Boys andGirls Clubs in the schools is high and to expect a highenrollment,” Jackson said.

The club’s activities are used to encourage learning and toprovide activities for the youth of the county, she said.

The first hour after school is designated for the students towork on homework and to be tutored, if necessary. The students canenjoy half hour segments of activities based upon age andgrade.

Parents concerned about busing need not worry, Jackson said.Five County Child Development has agreed to supply busing forstudents whose parents are unable to pick them up.

Volunteers and donations of art and craft supplies are alwaysappreciated, Jackson said, and interested people are encouraged tocontact her at 587-3007.