S.O., city vehicles in minor mishap

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, September 6, 2000

A city and county vehicle collided Tuesday afternoon in a smallmishap at the intersection of Brookway Boulevard and MonticelloStreet.

“A truck pulling a garbage trash trailer for the city wasstopped and one of our units was behind him… and eased up and hitthe trailer,” said Lincoln County Sheriff Lynn Boyte.

Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Coker apparently thought the city truck,driven by Charlie Smith, had already merged into traffic onMonticello Street after it moved forward a little bit, but thetruck stopped again, added Boyte.

Coker kept going, not realizing the truck had come to a halt,and hit the back of the trailer, causing damage to the sheriff’sdepartment vehicle, said Boyte.

No injuries were reported in the accident, which occurred around2:30 p.m.