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Wing bags $5,000 at Pike Co. Speedway

MAGNOLIA – Forty-seven late models were on hand Saturday nightat Pike County Speedway to try and run for the $5000 firstplace.

MAGNOLIA – Forty-seven late models were on hand Saturday nightat Pike County Speedway to try and run for the $5000 first place.Rodney Wing captured the top prize.

In the qualifying heats, Scott Slay had the fast time with a17.48. The first of six heats had Slay on the pole. Marlon Wild andSlay ran wheel to wheel an entire lap till Wild held him off andtook the win followed by Slay. These two earned their starting spotfor the feature.

In Heat 2 Rodney Wing and Kenny Merchant finished first andsecond and earned their position for the feature.

The next four heats took the top three spots for the feature. Onthe start of Heat 3, David Ashley grabbed the lead. followed byBill Avant and Surret third.

In Heat 4 Sam Patrick grabbed the lead on he start. DennisDuncan went on to win. Dave Siegert finished second and Jay Blairthird. Siegert had a bad weekend starting with blowing an engineThursday night at practice then going home to change it and blewthree tires on the trailer. He got the motor changed and came backFriday. but blew the transmission

Heat 5 Rob Litton the winner. Keith Craft second. Neal Templewas running third when Bill Gordon got under him and their tirestouched and Temple spun. Gordon got third.

Chris Cassano led every lap of the last heat and took the winfollowed by Ryan Plaisance and Troy Beane.

The first of two last chance races for SUPR had three startsbefore they got it going with Raymond Taylor leading the way.Taylor stretched out his lead till he had a whole straightaway oversecond place Jeff Cooper. Lonnie Covington slipped by for the thirdspot.

David Knight sat on the pole for the second last chance race andjumped right into the lead. Mike Boland got the win. Knight wassecond and Verlon Lee third.

Pure Stock: Daniel Boyd sat on the pole for the PureStock feature. Randy Brownell took the win over Brad McKey. JimmyStephens got back to third, Boyd finished fourth and fifth went toTroy Dean. Boyd took the heat win.

Novice: For the Novice 20 lap feature Chad Coon was theearly leader but went out in a cloud of blue smoke. MichaelBarfield came up through the field and won it. Austin Butler tooksecond, Leonard Barrileau third, Shawn Barber fourth.

In a field of 25 Denny Brown started last and worked hisway to seventh. Butler, Coon and Barfield took the heatwins.

UMP: Jerry Cassano and Billy Collett shared the UMP heatwins. In a tight race, Collett took the win followed by RandyLeonard, Doyle Bratton and Greg Freeman.

Street Stock: Todd Roger from the pole of the streetstock feature grabbed the lead. Kerry Vicknair ran second but lostan engine. Jason Holland got by and took the win. Robert Morel slidby for second. Third place Bobby Tate was disqualified at tech.Fourth place Matthew Simeon was also disqualified. Fifth placeScooter Paetz moved up to third. Rogers and Vicknair took the heatwins.

Super Stock: Billy Gordon and Seavy Clemons took theheat wins for Super Stock. Seavy scored the win. Joey Humphreyssecond. Kenny Montz third, Cary Babin fourth and rounding out thetop five was Johnny Breeland.

SUPR: A field of 24 SUPR late models with Marlon Wild onthe pole. On Lap 27, Wing grabbed the lead and kept it for the winfollowed by Marlon Wild, Mike Boland, Dennis Duncan, Bill Avant,Chris Cassano, Lonnie Covington, Rob Litton, Keith Craft, BubbaMullins, Jay Blair, Troy Bean, Bill Gordon, Dave Siegert, RaymondTaylor, Donald Watson, Scott Slay, Kenny Merchant, Jeff Cooper,David Knight, Tommy Surret, Verlon Lee, David Ashley, and RyanPlaisance.

Twenty-four started and only nine took the checkered.Boland with his Ford power plant got the Hard Charger Award forstarting 18th and finishing third.