‘No Fishing’ sign up at Lake Lincoln Park

Published 5:00 am Thursday, October 19, 2000

Lake Lincoln State Park officials say work to repair a damagedcontrol valve is to begin Friday, and fishing activities at thelake will be shut down for about two years.

Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks officials approvedthe gate valve repairs at a commission meeting earlier this month.Linda King, Lake Lincoln clerk, said the valve had not workedproperly for years.

To drain the 550-acre lake, the valve was opened Sept. 29, Kingsaid. It was not known how long valve repair would take, butrefilling the lake will take some time.

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“It’ll probably be two years before you can fish,” Kingestimated.

DWF&P officials hope winter and spring rains refill the lakeprior to the 2001 boating season. King indicated swimming andboating activities will resume as water levels allow.

“That depends on the rain,” King said.

King said the park is remaining open for camping and cabinuse.

During the lake repair and renovation period, DWF&Pofficials are restocking the lake with bass, bluegill, channelcatfish and black bream. King said fish structures, such asunderbrush and other areas where fish can congregate, are alsobeing added during the project.

King said she had heard a few complaints about fishingactivities being restricted. However, she indicated more peoplewere looking forward to the benefits of the lake project.

“Everybody seems to be real excited about restocking the lake,”King said.

Dist. 92 Rep. Dr. Jim Barnett, a member of the House Game andFish Committee, said he had confidence in biologists and DWF&Pofficials as the undertake the lake project.

“They hate to close the lake to fishing, but at the same time,they’re trying to improve the lake,” Barnett said.