Step back in time in Wesson

Published 6:00 am Monday, October 30, 2000

WESSON — A long time antique collector has mixed her love forold things with her enthusiasm for the new to create one of thetown’s most popular establishments.

“My first love is for old things, but I’ve found that it’s goodto have a mixture of new and old,” said Janet Case Currie, owner ofAnother Time, Another Place.

Currie has had an interest in antiques for years, compilingquite a collection along the way.

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“I’ve always been attracted to antiques, especially dinnerwarefrom the 1930s, 40s and 50s,” she said, adding that she has severalcomplete sets at her house.

While living in Vicksburg, she owned an antique mall for 10years, but home called to her and she decided to move back toWesson.

When she and her husband, A.C., moved back two and a half years,she thought the area would be the perfect place to continue herhobby, so she set up shop at the corner of Highway 51 and FactoryStreet.

She quickly filled her shop with antique books, dishes, bottles,clocks, silverware, dolls, jewelry, cookware and othertrinkets.

Currie came up with the name for her store when she realized itexplained her perfectly because it was “another time” in her lifeand Wesson was “another place” for her antique collections.

Her attraction to antiques has also created another attraction,which has furthered her collection over the years.

“I’m sort of like a magnet for antiques,” she said. “They justsort of come to me.”

Since opening the new store, Currie has also ventured into thearea of unique and popular gifts.

Although her antiques continue to be scattered throughout thestore, her shop is now overflowing with interesting gifts, such ascandles, lamps, framed pictures, mirrors, crystal ware and otherdecorative items. She also enjoys featuring Mississippi madeproducts, like soaps and candles made in Morton and Louisville.

Currie wants to continue selling and collecting antiques, buthopes to concentrate more on new items in the future.