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No audience for KKK

The citizens of Brookhaven and Lincoln County are to becommended for virtually ignoring the Ku Klux Klan, which marchedthrough the downtown area yesterday afternoon.

To our knowledge, and we are proud to say, none of the rag-tagbunch of Klansmen were from here. Some were from the Jackson area,and some were from Louisiana.

Of course, the U.S. Constitution allows free speech to allAmericans, and there was nothing to keep the Klan from marchinghere yesterday. Evidently, they had no specific agenda for theirvisit other than the same old, worn out hate rhetoric they havebeen spewing for years.

By refusing to give them an audience, we hope the Kluckers gotthe message that we in Brookhaven and Lincoln County strive to worktogether to make a strong community for everyone — not to gettrapped in the divisiveness of hate mongering.