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Supervisors study bid, contract needs

With a new year just around the corner, Lincoln Countysupervisors Wednesday used a work session to plan and discuss anypotential changes needed in county bidding and contractpractices.

Some bridge issues were the main topic of discussion assupervisors wanted more specifics in details of constructioncontracts and to make sure as many bridges as possible were beingplanned and completed.

W.D. “Doug” Moak, District 4 supervisor and board president,said that in the past there had been some “board misunderstandings”about bridge work and whether some construction materials were tobe supplied by the county or the contractor. Supervisors instructedpurchasing officials to be as specific as possible when preparingadvertisements for bids for contract construction of countybridges.

“I think we can make that work,” Moak said.

Bids for bridge construction, other contract services andvarious product suppliers are to be awarded in January. With agrowing local financial institution market, supervisors areexpecting a good bit of interest from banks wanting to be thecounty’s depository.

Decisions on appointed officials, such as county attorneys,office clerks and others will also be made.

“I’m satisfied with everybody we’ve got,” said District 1Supervisor Cliff Givens.

Regarding the presidency and vice-presidency of the board,supervisors were largely indifferent on how or whether to makechanges.

Moak said he saw the president as a moderator of supervisors’discussions and a representative of the board at chamber meetingsand other community functions. He was willing to continue aspresident if the board desired.

Supervisors talked about the board president and vice-presidentserving four-year terms, two-year terms or rotating the officesamong board members on a year-to-year basis.

The board agreed on two-year terms, with Moak and vice-presidentGary Walker, of District 5, serving one more year. District 3Supervisor Nolan Earl Williamson and District 1 Supervisor CliffGivens were nominated for president and vice-president,respectively, starting in 2002.

In another appointment matter, Jack Case was appointed as thecounty’s District 4 representative on the Copiah-Lincoln CommunityCollege Board of Trustees. Case, a former principal at West LincolnAttendance Center, will replace Johnny Rushing, whose term expiresat the end of the month.

Moak cited Case’s long-time educational career as a reason forhis nomination.

“I feel like he’ll be a good representative of the county, andmy district, on that board,” Moak said.