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Rain puts slight damper on BHS renovation work

Rainy weather continues to hinder construction and renovationefforts at Brookhaven High School, but district and projectofficials remain hopeful about staying on schedule.

“We’re a little behind, but not enough to worry about,” saidRobert Freeman, an architect with Barranco Architects and CarothersConstruction Management, during the Brookhaven School District’sboard meeting Tuesday.

The project is about one month behind schedule because of therain, but the architects plan to make up for that time with dryweather days. They have also been working some at night to “shaveoff some days.”

Freeman and fellow architect, David Mann, updated the board withdetails about the complete renovation of the existing high schooland addition of two wings.

They explained how the windows had been delivered, yet wereunable to be installed until inspection and approval by the state’sdepartment of archives.

Some progress on the project included almost all of the framework being completed in the existing building and most of the slabbeing poured for the east wing.

“We also started erecting steel, and that’s going good,” saidFreeman.

Following the update, board members conducted routine business,then listened as Superintendent Dr. Sam Bounds told them aboutseveral accomplishments in the district.

Brookhaven Elementary School, Lipsey Middle School and Mamie L.Martin Elementary School received positive results from the recentreview by the Mississippi Committee Commission on Elementary andMiddle Schools. All three schools were given accredited ratings,said Bounds.

Four teachers in the district received high honors when theyachieved National Board of Professional Teaching certification.Those teachers are Cynthia D. Davis, Thomas Ann Gatlin, Queen EsterHawkins and Kathy Thames.

Lipsey Middle School was recognized for two differentaccomplishments during the past month. Three students made theall-state choir, and the school led the way in the state in theChildren’s Health Insurance Program (CHIPS) sign-up.

“I’m proud to say that the number one school in the state inCHIPS is Lipsey Middle School,” exclaimed Bounds.

Another point of interest for the school district was the highlevel the JROTC received after a review from the United StatesArmy. They were awarded 578 points out of 600, which qualified thegroup for the highest rating, honor unit with distinction, for thenext three years.

Also, the Alexander Junior High’s Paw Print newspaper won firstplace in a statewide contest recently.

After Bounds’ comments, he presented each board member with a1937 engraved brick from BHS.

School board members were entertained Tuesday night by membersof the BHS Choir, which has received superior ratings at severalcompetitions this year.

The meeting ended when board member Gwendolyn Sartin called anexecutive session to discuss a student matter.

The next scheduled meeting will be at 6 p.m., Jan. 23, 2001, atthe district office on Court Street. The meetings are open to thepublic, unless otherwise stated.