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Other schools should follow Loyd Star lead

It was great to see some alumni recognizing and appreciatingtheir former school this week.

The Loyd Star School Foundation, which would be open tograduates and friends of the school, is still in the planningstages, but it promises to be a tremendous boost.

The idea of the foundation was developed by Fred Calcote Jr.,who graduated from Loyd Star in 1953. “Loyd Star’s done a lot forme, and it’s done a lot for you,” he told an organizational meetingat the school Monday.

The focus of the Loyd Star School Foundation will be onacademics. It will be, as described at Monday’s meeting, a “boosterclub” for academics.

The foundation will work to help maintain a good learningenvironment at the school, provide financial assistance whenneeded, help provide staff development, award student scholarshipsand to create special academic awards to honor students andteachers. If you are interested in being a part of the foundation,contact the Loyd Star principal’s office.

With schools feeling the pinch as the state tightens its budgetbelt, it’s good to see citizens step forward in an effort to makeup the difference. Mr. Calcote and other supporters deserve apat-on-the-back for taking the lead in this effort. So do the manyothers who volunteer their time and efforts to help at otherschools.

The Loyd Star School Foundation is a great idea, and we hope itwill catch on with other schools. Making an investment in thefuture of our schools means making an investment in the future ofour entire community.

And, the rewards are greater than anything Wall Street has tooffer.