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Young actress attends movie premier in NY

The stars are shining bright for Brookhaven youngster whoappeared in a movie released in selected cities nationwideFriday.

Georgia Ray Rainer, daughter of Lisa and Johnny Rainer, recentlyreturned from New York City where she and family members attendedthe premier of “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” a movie filmed inseveral areas of the state over a year ago. It stars George Clooneyand Holly Hunter.

“It was fun,” said the 11-year-old Rainer of the premier. “Iliked the party after it best because there were more people totalk to.”

The movie has not yet been released in Mississippi.

Rainer said the premiere and party were much more fun than theactual making of the movie. Georgia Ray and her parents enjoyedmingling with a list of Hollywood actors and actresses.

“It was one of those nights where we kept going, ‘Look at whothat is,'” said Lisa Rainer.

In the movie, Rainer plays the eldest of Clooney’s and Hunter’sdaughters, while two other Brookhaven residents, Lynn Campbell andAngela Johnston appear in two scenes as extras.

“O Brother, Where Art Thou” is about the experiences of threeescaped convicts who are chained together while searching forhidden treasure.

The three Brookhaven actresses believe the results of their worktwo summers ago will provide laughs for those who watch the movie.They were also able to enjoy a few laughs while on the set inVicksburg, Canton and Edwards.

“It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and you go to camp for fivedays,” said Campbell, who is a first grade teacher at Mamie MartinElementary School.

Clooney added a special ambience to the set by making “goofyfaces at the girls” to keep them light-hearted while filmingoutdoors in record high temperatures. He even sang to one of thechildren to make her smile after she was stung by a bee, said LisaRainer.

The other actors and actresses, along with the crew working onthe film, were also delightful, the three Brookhaven residentsagreed.

The most memorable part of filming for Campbell and Johnston washaving the opportunity to meet Clooney and have a picture made withhim.

“He was super nice and very good-looking in person,” saidCampbell.

Campbell and Johnston also enjoyed getting a behind-the-sceneslook at the movie making process.

“I have a new appreciation for extras, too. They really are theunsung heroes in any movie,” said Johnston, who is a secretary at alocal law firm.

Now that the movie has hit theaters, they are anxious to see howit turned out. Until it comes to a local theater, they can beentertained by the film’s music video by The Soggy Bottom Boys onCountry Music Television (CMT).

Rainer, Campbell and Johnston are unsure about their futures inthe movie industry. They agreed it was tough work, and not worthmoving to Hollywood to pursue a career. They are keeping theiroptions open, though, for any other films made in Mississippi.