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Man pleads guilty in kidnapping case

MONTICELLO — A Silver Creek man pleaded guilty Tuesday inPrentiss to one count of kidnapping in connection with a Februarycar jacking incident on Highway 84.

Detric Stringer, 21, will face sentencing Feb. 16. Two othercharges, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and carjacking, were not prosecuted.

Fredrick Jefferson, 21, of Silver Creek, who was also allegedlyinvolved in the crime, is still set for trial in April.

The pair were accused of car jacking and kidnapping Greg Nortonof Wesson on Feb. 18, 2000. Norton was returning to Brookhavenafter visiting friends in Monticello when the incidentoccurred.

Norton was flagged down by two men on Highway 84 West, accordingto the sheriff’s department.

He stopped for the two men, believing they were friends. He wasthen forced at gunpoint to the floorboard of his 1986 Honda CRX.The two men then split up, with Stringer driving the CRX whileJefferson allegedly drove a Ford Escort belonging to a friend.

The men took Norton to an abandoned house and struck him on thehead with a pistol, according to the sheriff’s department. The twomen split up again.

Stringer took Norton with him when he visited the friend wholoaned them the Escort. When he left, Stringer was traveling easton Highway 84 and slowed down to make a turn. Norton jumped fromthe vehicle and escaped into the woods. He hid for a while beforecalling 911.

Meanwhile, Jefferson was arrested in Monticello when he failed afield sobriety test during a routine traffic stop. The dispatcheron duty recognized him as fitting the description of one ofNorton’s assailants.

Stringer was arrested Feb. 26 when an off-duty Monticello policeofficer saw him at a Brookhaven retail store. The police officernotified the Brookhaven Police Department, which made thearrest.