54 indicted on variety of charges

Published 6:00 am Thursday, January 25, 2001

MONTICELLO — More than half of the indictments handed down inthe December Circuit Court term have been served, according tocourt officials.

Approximately 32 indictments have been served of the 54 truebills of indictment, containing 86 counts on 46 individual people,since the term ended Dec. 18, according to Circuit Clerk CindyStokes.

Court records show eleven of the served indictments are fordrug-related activities, one for capital murder, four counts ofrape, seven counts of fondling and four counts of sexual battery,among other charges.

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James A. “Jamie” McNeese Jr. was served two separate indictmentsfor capital murder and burglary. McNeese has been charged in themurder of Tanya Mullins of Monticello in late 1999. The burglarycharge stems from the same incident.

Served indictments include:

* Shawn Brown on two counts of rape and one count each ofburglary and sexual battery;

* Kenneth “Kenny” Johnson on a charge of statutory rape;

* Michael Schwauzer and Mary Barnes were served together on twoseparate indictments: one for rape and the other for one count offondling and three counts of sexual battery;

* Steve Case for six counts of fondling and one count of sexualbattery;

* Marcus Robinson Jr., Jeremy Stowers and Mario Cardell Stowerswere all served together on one count of armed robbery;

* Wanda Horan on one charge of embezzlement;

* Jason Ray Temple on one charge of grand larceny;

* Rico Maye on one charge of aggravated assault;

* Dudley Burnes for second degree arson;

* Linda Rutland on one charge of arson;

* Richard G. Holmes on one charge of felony DUI;

* Keisha Cox Rogers on one count of shooting into adwelling;

* Pat Roberson was served two indictments for uttering forgery,one for 15 counts and one on a single count;

* Andreal Bridges on one count of uttering forgery;

* Four people received separate indictments of one count offelony check. They were Kathryn B. Hill, Margaret Barnes, MyronMagee and Michael Sharp.

Eleven indictments were handed down for drug-related activity.Those indicted include:

* Ronnie Dale Howell was indicted on a charge of manufacturingmarijuana;

* Kenneth Peyton: one indictment for possession of a controlledsubstance and one indictment for the sale or transfer of acontrolled substance within 1,500 feet of a church;

* Kenny C. Peyton and Michael Shoulders share an indictment forthe sale or transfer of a controlled substance within 1,500 feet ofa church;

* Kenneth Jeffery Herring was indicted for possession of acontrolled substance;

* Damon Bridges was served with an indictment on a charge of thesale or transfer of a controlled substance;

* Estus McCullum was charged in two separate indictments on twocounts of the sale or transfer of a controlled substance;

* Desmond Brown was indicted for the sale or transfer of acontrolled substance within 1,500 feet of a school;

* Gerald King was indicted on a charge of the possession of acontrolled substance; and

* Alphonso Baggett and Duane Lewis were charged in a singleindictment for the possession of a controlled substance.

Approximately 20 indictments still need to be served, accordingto court records. Of the 20, three are for drug-related activity,one for grand larceny, two for uttering forgery, four for falsepretense, five for felony check and one for timber larceny, amongothers.