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Bank gets bomb threat

Authorities were busy this morning investigating a bomb threatat a Brookhaven bank.

Around 9:30 a.m., workers at the State Bank and Trust branch atthe intersection of Hamilton and Monticello Streets received atelephone call from someone stating bombs were located in theair-conditioning unit of building and in nearby bushes, accordingto Brookhaven Police Chief Fred McKee.

Bank employees immediately contacted the main office, which inturn called the authorities. Brookhaven police officers quicklyresponded to the scene and safely evacuated the employees.

“We set up a perimeter and evacuated employees from the buildingbefore we moved in,” said McKee.

According to authorities, a small red package was discovered inthe bushes around the building, but they were unable to determineif it was a bomb. A bomb squad from Camp Shelby, along with federalagents, were summoned to the scene for further investigation.

A portion of Hamilton Street was blocked off and police werekeeping people away from the area.

Other information was unavailable this morning, but more detailswill be provided later today.