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Brewer launches new era at Wesson

WESSON – First-year head baseball coach Jerry Brewer and hisWesson Cobras have been working hard during preseason. Brewer andthe Cobras kickoff the 20001 season Saturday at Bogue Chitto. Thefirst of two games begins at 1 p.m. and the second at 3.

“Our practices have been four to five hours,” said Brewer.”Hopefully, we have been having some smart practices. We havestarted a junior high team. I feel you have to start themyoung.”

This Cobra team is going to be young, especially the pitchingstaff. Wesson has three seniors, two juniors, 10 sophomores, twofreshmen and three 8th graders.

“We have four young ones,” Brewer explained of his startingpitchers. “Ryan Williams, Kyle Smith, Justin Smith and RussellRobinson. They are my go-to guys in varsity. All aresophomores.

“Kyle has the most experience,” continued Brewer. “He towed therubber last year. He has the most experience varsity wise. Ryan hasgood velocity.”

This season’s starting catcher is Whitney Scoggins. The backupcatcher is Tyler Broome. “He (Broome) is a real good athlete,” saidBrewer.

Starters on the Cobra infield are Dustin Shelton at first base,Peyton Warren at second base, Chris Peets and Kyle Smith atshortstop and Russell Robinson and Justin Smith at third base.

“We’ll have a lot of the guys who are having to learn to sharethe responsibilities,” noted Brewer.

The Wesson outfield will include Seth Easterling in leftfield.Ryan Williams, Tom Burgess and Nick Gunter will alternate in theother outfield positions as will senior David Furlow and juniorMorgan Hutson.

“They’ll be sharing the responsibilities,” said Brewer.

At the plate, sophomore Ryan Williams has been “popping off hisbat,” according to Brewer. Whitney Scoggins and Chris Peets havebeen consistent at the plate.

“We are trying to develop a program,” stated Brewer. “We’retrying to develop excellence on and off the field. Not just toteach these guys baseball but teach them a little about life.”

Assisting Brewer is Ricky Gunter who also coaches football.

The coaches and players got together to write a handbook.

“We discussed ways we should dress and act,” Brewer added. “Weare building young men. We are trying to do the best we can. We aregoing to be young. We’ll lose some games we should win. We willprobably upset some people. We’re starting from the basics and willdo the right things.”

Wesson will be playing eight home games this season, including aMarch 2 doubleheader at Co-Lin’s Sullivan Field against FranklinCounty and Mendenhall.

20001 Wesson Roster

PITCHERS: Ryan Williams, soph.; Kyle Smith, soph.;Justin Smith, soph. ; Russell Robinson, soph;, NickGunter,fresh.

CATCHERS: Whitney Scoggins, jr; Tyler Broome, 8th.

INFIELDERS: Dustin Shelton, 1B, sr.; Peyton Warren, OF,soph; Brian Reason, 2B, 8th;, Chris Peets, SS, soph;, JosephLangham, SS/P, 9th;, Wade Williams, 1B/P, 8th; Ira Shoop, 3B,soph.

OUTFIELDERS; Seth Easterling, OF, sr.; David Furlow, OF,sr.; Emanuel Sinclair, OF, soph.; Morgan Hudson, OF, jr.; JoshBerch, 3B/C, soph; Tom Burgess, OF/P, soph.

Wesson 2001 Baseball Schedule

FEBRUARY: 17 – at Bogue Chitto; 22 – Franklin County atTylertown at Holmes Water Park; 23 – Tylertown at Holmes WaterPark; 24 – South Pike at Holmes Water Park in Tylertown; 27 – atNorth Pike.

MARCH: 2 – at Co-Lin, Franklin County and Mendenhall; 3- at Franklin County; 6 – at St. Andrews; 9 – Loyd Star; 10 -Tylertown; 12 – at Rotary Field, McComb – South Pike; 13 – atRotary Field, McComb – North Pike and McComb; 20 – NatchezCathedral; 23 – Richland; 30 – St. Andrews; 31 -Enterprise.

APRIL: 3 – at Loyd Star; 6 – at Natchez Cathedral; 7 -at West Lincoln; 10 – Richland; 12 – West Lincoln.