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City aldermen meetings for business, not politics

“I think we’ve politicked long enough,” said Mayor Bill Godboldduring the last meeting of the board of alderman two weeks ago.

Given the tone of city board meetings lately, the mayor’scomment ending a discussion of a fire department personnel matterrings especially true.

As city elections near, it seems some aldermen have been tryingto demonstrate their concern for ward or community interests morevocally at board meetings, which happen to be broadcast on a localcable television channel. The words “my ward” have become even morea part of the discussion during the bi-monthly meetings.

While aldermen cannot be faulted for wanting to represent thosewho put them in office, they would do well to remember that “myward” is a part of “our city.”

Board meetings should be used for discussion of important citybusiness, not as a platform for a re-election campaign.