County clean up set

Published 6:00 am Friday, March 9, 2001

These golden eggs don’t come from a goose, but finding one willbe a rewarding experience during Lincoln County activities inconjunction with the Great American Clean Up in April.

As part of the “Gold in the Litter” promotion, 24 golden eggswill be hidden in county roadside litter during Keep Lincoln CountyBeautiful’s (KLCB) campaign, which is set for April 1-14.

“We’re going to split them up into the five beats and the city,”said Homer Richardson, KLCB chairman. “They’ll be scattered allover the county.”

Inside the eggs will be numbered letters that finders can taketo the chancery clerk’s office to claim a prize. Eggs will behidden in a piece of litter, such as a fast food cup or container,and evenly distributed throughout the county for people to find,Richardson said.

“We’re hoping that not all they do is find the eggs, but cleanup litter as well,” Richardson said. “That’s the main thrust: toclean up the county.”

Richardson said letters are being sent to area churches, schoolsand civic organizations encouraging their members to pick a spot ofthe county to clean up during the two-week campaign. Individualsand neighborhoods are also encouraged to pick areas to cleanup.

The golden egg-reward effort is a fun twist for the clean-upcampaign, Richardson said. KLCB members are still in the process ofobtaining prizes.

“They’re going to be things that businesses have donated insupport of the project,” Richardson said.

Trash bags for collecting litter are available from the countybarn on old Highway 51. Richardson encouraged those who plan toparticipate to contact him at 833-4126 with information on the areathey plan to clean up and how many are in the group.

Additional information on the “Gold in the Litter” campaign isavailable on KLCB’s web page, which is accessible through the DAILYLEADER’s community web site page at

“The whole idea is to have people look around, see what thelitter is and clean it up,” Richardson said.