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Dixie Youth AA results

Farm Bureau 9, Brookhaven Hardware 6

Picking up the win was Josh Cunningham with 4 strikeouts and 8walks. Josh Wallace was the losing pitcher with 3 strikeouts and 11walks.

Caleb Dorman and Josh Wallace led Brookhaven Hardware with adouble apiece. Bayard Grillis and Jeremy Buckley hit a singleapiece.

Farm Bureau’s players were all walked.

@Subhead:Union Planters 7, Gatlin Corporation 6


Chris Fink powered Union Planters with an inside-the-park homerun and a triple. Zack Halliwell tripled. Hitting safely were CaseyVanderslice and Holland Boyd.

Fink struck out 4 batters and walked 6 to take the win.

Leading Gatlin with a double and a single was Tanner Delcambre.Scott Warnock and Jacob Posey singled.

@Subhead:Dickerson & Bowen 13, LaRues Drugs 3


Hunter Wallace struck out 9 and walked 2 for the win. The losinghurler was Jordan Vinson, striking out 6 and walking 9.

Dickerson & Bowen got a triple from Jon Mark Holden. JakeWalker doubled. Collecting a double and a single was Shea Smith. Apair of singles were hit by Cabeb William. Jake Walker doubled.Ryan Kennedy and Brandon Foster hit a single apiece.

LaRue’s got a double from Cody Smith.

@Subhead:State Bank 12, Check Exchange 8


Drew Weaver, Bradley Beckham, Ethan Cox, Cody Brister and SteveNix singled for State Bank. Brett Rushing fanned 6 batters andwalked 12.

Check Exchange to a double and a single from Elliot McKee. ClintStewart, Patrick Oster and Austin Smith hit safely.

@Subhead:Brookhaven Barber Shop 13, Gatlin Corp. 9


Brookhaven Barber Shop got a triple from Mitch Cloud. TrentHerrington and Taylor Herrington hit a single apiece. TaylorHerrington earned the win, striking out 5 and walking 7.

James Delcambre and Daniel Case doubled for Gatlin. ScottWarnocks hit safely. Nick Hemsletter absorbed the loss with 9strikeouts and 11 walks.

@Subhead:Farm Bureau 8, Union Planters 3


Warren Ashmore and David Horton singled for Farm Bureau. Pickingup the win was Josh Cunningham with 10 strikeouts and 12 walks.

Union Planters got a single from Zack Halliwell.

@Subhead:Smith Machinery 13, LaRue’s Drugs 10


Fanning 9 batters and walking 5 was Brent Henderson in the win.Korey Allen was credited with the loss, walking 6 and striking out4.

Smith Machinery got a triple from Michael Pennington. Kye Burks,Michael Wilson and Patrick Valentine hit safely.

Joshua Howard doubled and singled for LaRue’s. Allen and JosephHoward singled.

@Subhead:Cracker Barrel 5, Check Exchange 1


Directing Cracker Barrel with a pair of doubles was ChynnaCoghlan. Gabe Wilson singled three times. Hitting two singles wasStone Underwood. John Perkins and Caleb Dunaway doubled. Collectinga single apiece were Mitch Case, Jacob Phillip and CrockettWard.

Eli Gatlin belted a home run and a triple for Check Exchange.Bubba Keene smashed a homer and a double. Tripling was NathanKeene. Collecting a double apiece were Myles Melancon, Kelby Hartand Austin Brister. Kaleb Hart singled twice. Travis Keene hitsafely.

@Subhead:Dickerson & Bowen 23, Check Exchange 4


Winning pitcher Caleb Williams doubled for D &B. Williamsstruck out 11 and walked three. Kyle Burt singled.

Check Exchange got a double from Will Smith, who absorbed theloss with 1 strikeout and 10 walks.

@Subhead:LaRue’s Drugs 9, State Bank 7


Leading LaRue’s with a single apiece were Joshua Howard andPayne McGowen. McGowen recorded 2 strikeouts and 6 walks.

Brett Rushing paced State Bank with a double and a single. DrewWeaner singled. Sawyer Richardson was the losing hurler with 4strikeouts and 8 walks.

@Subhead:Brookhaven Hardware 15, Brookhaven Barber Shop 5


Josh Wallace ripped a double and a single for BrookhavenHardware. Riko Palomarez doubled. Jeremy Buckley and Jennings Millssingled. Winborne was the winning pitcher, striking out 4 andwalking 4.

Preston Herbert and Mitch Cloud hit a single apiece forBrookhaven Barber Shop. Michael Nichols took the defeat with 3strikeouts and 8 walks.

@Subhead:Farm Bureau 7, Gatlin 4


Josh Cunningham struck out 11 batters and walked 7 in the win.Gage Cook fanned 3 and walked 2 in the loss.

Farm Bureau got a triple and a double from Seth Avants. ConleyAinsworth doubled twice. Doubling was Warren Ashmore. Cunninghamhit safely.

@Subhead:Union Planters 4, Positive Pest Control 3


Union Planters rallied for two runs to pull out the comeback winover Positive Pest Control.

Ky Mathis got the win, striking out 10 batters and walking 2.Jonathon White took the loss with 5 strikeouts and 6 walks.

Elliott Warren directed Union Planters with a double apiece.Ryan Smith doubled. Hitting safely were Mathis and MikeBeauvis.

Positive Pest got a pair of singles from Cole Newell. MarionDixon doubled. White and Bradley Allred singled.