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Bass, Bumgarner in run off for alderman-at-large post

Brookhaven businessman Les Bumgarner and political newcomerRonnie Bass emerged from a four-candidate Democratic primary fieldTuesday and will meet in two weeks to decide the winner of thecity’s alderman-at-large race.

Either Bumgarner, the front runner with 1,148 votes, or Bass,who garnered 738 votes, will be the city’s next alderman-at-largesince there are no Republicans or independent candidates seekingthe office. The primary runoff is May 15.

Bumgarner thanked his supporters and said he is excited to be inthe runoff. He stressed the importance of voters returning to thepolls in two weeks.

“We need to get our people to the polls two weeks from now,”Bumgarner said. “Whoever can rally his people to the polls willwin.”

Bass was also gearing up for the runoff.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Bass said. “I’m looking forward toserving the needs of the people.”

In other unofficial primary vote totals, Mrs. Jerry L. Wilsontallied 521 votes for a third place finish and Donna Wilkersongarnered 239 votes.

Alderman-at-large race voting broke largely along racial lines,with Bass scoring big victories in the city’s predominantly blackWards 1, 2 and 3, and Bumgarner getting landslides in Wards 4, 5,and 6.

In Wards 4, 5, and 6, Bumgarner got well over 200 votes in eachward. All other candidates in those areas scored only in the doubledigits.

Despite a big victory, Bumgarner’s lead in Ward 4 could havebigger had not some voters chosen to participate in the Republicanprimary for alderman. Approximately 300 people voted in the GOPprimary in Ward 4.

Outcomes in Wards 1, 2 and 3 were closer.

The closest race was in Ward 3 where Bass got 281 votes and Mrs.Wilson, the wife of the ward alderman, got 260 votes. Also in thatward, Bumgarner got 106 votes.