Stephens cruises to Pure Stock triumph

Published 5:00 am Thursday, May 3, 2001

MAGNOLIA – Jimmy Stephens and Rusty Cooper took the Pure Stockheat wins. On the start, the yellow flag flew and the cars werestopped on the front. Third place Randy Brownell slammed into theback of second place Cooper. Both cars were out of the race. JimmyStephens had smooth sailing to take the win in the Aims AutomotiveCar Care special. Jamie Blades took second, Brown third, JustinBowman fourth and Mark Wells fifth.

Super Stock: Robert Morel and Ted Pearce took the heatwins for Super Stock. Charles Sibley took the lead on the starttill he spun in four. Pearce took over as leader but Morel ran himdown and took over the lead. Morel went on to score the win asPearce pulled into the infield. Tim Thornton took second followedby Adams in third and Keith Smith in fourth.

UMP: Gary Joiner sat on the pole after winning the heatrace for ump modified but as the green flag waved, Joiner droppedback through a whole army of cars. On the start, it was James Wardin the lead. Ward was unable to be caught. He took the winunchallenged. Doyle Bratton and Gary ran wheel-to-wheel for secondtill Bratton ended up with it. Gary was third, Chad Williams tookfourth followed by Brent in fifth.

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Novice B Main: On the start of the Novice B Main, theyran three wide for the lead. Then cars scattered everywhereincluding some into the wall. On the restart, it was Jason Treauxall the way. Rustin Cain took the spot. Cindy Wells took third,Loyde Kirkland fourth and LeeRoy Callender fifth.

A Main: In A Main, Butch Jenkins took the lead on thestart and led every lap, getting farther and further away fromsecond place Shane Barber. Mark Hardwick came from the rear andtook third. Lefty Cockran was fourth and Richard Thomas fifth.Stephen Polk and Butch Jenkins took the heat wins.

Street Stock: Jamie Hamilton and Carl Bourgeois took theStreet Stock heat wins. Hamilton, on the pole, jumped into the leadon the start. The yellow flew and Hamilton was sent to the rear. Onthe restart, Jason Holland took the lead and led every lap to takethe win. Matthew Simeon was second, Paul Allred third, Brad McKeyfourth and Randy Cotten fifth.

Late Model: Eric Courville and Larry Riter took the latemodel heat wins. Riter jumped off four into the lead on the drop ofthe green. Then Sam Patrick blew past Riter like he was standingstill and pulled away. Davin Bates, with a wornout tire, tried tobuy one and the track was out of that size and he started to sitthe feature out, but went ahead and raced. He started dead last andpicked off the competition one-by-done till he reached second placewhen the checkered fell. Larry Riter took third, Raymond Taylorfourth and Seavy Clements fifth.