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Junior/Senior Games fun for all

Everyone was a winner Friday during Countrybrook Living Center’sJunior/Senior Games, where Lipsey Middle School students pairedwith residents to bring home the gold.

For over a decade, the facility has been the site of funcompetition with simple games that both age groups can enjoy. Thisyear’s event turned out to be an interesting time for all of the 24participants, said Countrybrook activities director LindaTucker.

“The kids and the residents both had so much fun,” she said.”The bonding that goes on between them is wonderful.”

Tucker mentioned how parents have told her in the past thattheir children talked about the Junior/Senior games weeks afterthey had participated.

She has seen the same kind of excitement in the residents, whohave been practicing for weeks.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm from the residents. They lookforward to this every year,” said Tucker.

After opening ceremonies, Buddy Thibodeaux, Lipsey’s parent ofthe year, cut the ribbon and the games began.

Fifth grade teacher Dana Rushing, along with Tucker andassistant activities director Pansy Foster watched closely as the12 teams made up of students and residents went head to head in thering toss.

Katherine Newell and Susanah Vaughan were victorious incapturing the gold medal. They barely edged Robert Martin and AnneClaire Aycock, who won second place. Geraldine Rushing and CalebWallace rounded out the event with the bronzed medal.

The next event sent the students and residents scrambling to seewho could stuff a pillow the fastest.

Judges Sue Smith and Betty McGee awarded the gold medal toClaudia Freeman and Katie Shackelford, while the silver was givento Ethel Smith and Rachel Montalvo. The third place spot wascaptured by Jean Williams and Cameron Jenkins.

After a time of singing around the piano, played by TrophineDavis, the competitors dove into a game of target ball, wheretennis balls are thrown at a sticky target with point areas onit.

Dorothy Smith and Georgia Rae Rainer had the most points asMerdie Evans and Simmie Yarborough gathered the second highesttotal. Newell and Vaughan grabbed their second medal of the daywith third place.

Following the morning’s action, participants refueled with hotdogs and hamburgers grilled by Countrybrook administrator PeggyMingee.

After a short rest, competitors prepared for the final event inthe main lobby. Residents all took a seat with a toilet paper on astick in their hands, while the students faced them.

When students heard the word “Go” they furiously began tearingat the rolls to see who could unroll theirs the fastest.

Ida Johnson and Betsy Lynch were the first ones to hold up theircardboard cylinder in a sign of victory. Evans and Yarboroughfollowed closely behind for their second medal, while Newell andVaughan gained more recognition with a third place finish.

Amidst the toilet paper that had filled the room, residentsshared a few laughs as the students started wrapping each other andchasing each other with the soft, white material.

The final, unscheduled, game involved everyone working hard topick up the toilet paper and place it in a large plastic bag, whichalso turned out to be a fun events for students and residents.

During the closing award ceremony, spirit awards were given toSarah Hodges, Katie Stewart, Flo Spiller, Hannah Culpepper,Louannie Peavey and Josh Bales.