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Brown wins Novice B title

MAGNOLIA – Joey Brown jumped in the lead on the start of theNovice B Main and led every lap to the checkered and scored the winin Pike County Speedway action.

Gary Petit, Larry Disotell, Jody Bughes and David Petit followedin order of finish.

A MAIN: Austin Brewer blasted into the lead from the pole. Aspin in turn two brought the yellow. On the restart, it was MarkHardwick leading the field. Hardwick went on to take the win byseveral car lengths over Robert Petit, Stephen Polk, Rusty Williamsand Tudy Jackson. Austin Butler, Hardwick and Joe Carboni allshared heat wins. In the second heat, Rustin Cain rolled in two endover end.

UMP HEAT: Mike Roe took the heat win. In the feature, Roe ledevery lap until turn four when Daniel Boyd slid by for the win. Roefinished second in front of Brant Ainsworth, Lew Lyles and KerrySpears.

ALL-HEAT FEATURE: Jimmy Stephens in the Livingston Napa, AimsAutomotive, Graphics sign car won it all heat and feature. On thedrop of the green, Stephens, from the pole, drag raced with RustyCooper to turn two where Stephens took the lead and held it untilthe end. Cooper finished second. Third place finisher Shawn Barberwent up in a cloud of blue smoke as he crossed the line. Fourth wasBrown and Kevin Case as he crossed the line in fifth had his hoodfly up.

STREET STOCK: Kerry Vicnair and Scotty Case took the heat wins.Scott Covington blasted into the lead on the start of the feature.Vicknair moved into second. Louis Morals III ran third while behindhim Jamie Hamilton and Matthew Simeon battled for fourth. Simeongot fourth then took third from Morals. On the final lap, Vicnairfinally got the lead. Kerry worked at Case lap after lap but Casewasn’t giving up the lead. Vicnair finally got it and took thecheckered followed by Case, Matthew Simeon, Louis Morals III andHamilton.

SUPER STOCK: Billy Gordon and Glen Stanga won the heats. Gordontook the lead on the drop of the green. Tim Thornton ran secondtill he spun and brought out the first yellow. Behind Gordon wasthe show for second. Robert Morel would get second in the turns andon the straightaways, it would be Joey Humphreys. This went on lapafter lap when they crossed the line it was Morel by a whisker forsecond. Humphreys took third and Keith Smith fourth.

CAJUN SPRINTERS: Michael Herrington, Lane Whittington, KellyAngelette and Chad Bush all shared the heat wins. Mark Roth ledevery lap of the last chance race and took the win. On the start ofthe feature, it was Michael Herrington into the lead on the startfollowed by Angelette who took over the lead. Whittington moved tothird. Jody Miller blew an engine on the back straightaway. As hecoasted along, he was high in three but Herrington and Whittingtonwere also running high. They both hit him. Wheels went flying andtook both Hennington and Whittington out of the race. After that,it was smooth sailing for Angelette. Butch David took second andGlynn LaBlanc third as he threaded the needle in and our oftraffic. When the checkered flew for Angelette, he had lapped allbut second place David and third place LaBlanc. Harold Hendersontook fourth followed by Herman Carrier, Charles Graves, CaryFarmer, Ricky Brewer, Chad Bush and Cassidy LaJeune.