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Tigner new Wesson mayor

WESSON — The races were close and went down to the wire hereTuesday night in a quiet town hall filled only with the sounds ofhumming lights, ballots being unfolded and the results being readaloud.

In the end, Bill Tigner pulled ahead of Alton Shaw to secure hisposition as the next mayor.

Tigner captured 268 votes while Shaw got 189 of the 460 ballotsreceived, according to final, but unofficial results.

While surrounded by family and friends at his home, Tigner wasgiven even more than his birthday to celebrate around 9 p.m. afterthe final results were reported at town hall and his wife, Carla,called to let him know about his victory.

“We knew we were going to celebrate something,” said Tigner. “Itfeels good to be able to celebrate both.”

Tigner is excited about filling the post left vacant when MayorDavid McGee decided not to run again.

“I ran on a campaign of bringing some new ideas and programs toWesson, and I look forward to working with the board and thecitizens in implementing a lot of those,” said Tigner, mentioningpossible improvements on Main Street.

The friendly competition that has been evident between neighborsTigner and Shaw continued on the same level after the race wasover.

“We met in the driveway and congratulated each other on runningsuch a friendly race,” said Tigner.

Shaw said he planned to fully support Tigner, pointing out howhe agreed with Tigner on almost every topic.

“I look forward to working with Bill Tigner for the bettermentof the town,” said Shaw.

The town’s next highest post, alderman-at-large, also saw aclose battle with just 27 votes separating Incumbent David Douglasfrom Nancy Ables. Douglas collected 237 votes and Ables received210 votes.

Douglas, who was working last night, was grateful when hefinally heard the results at 7 a.m. today.

“I’m pleased with it. I’m glad the town re-elected me,” he said.”I believe the town has picked a good working board.”

Douglas is ready to start another term and be a part ofimproving the town in any way possible.

“The town has really come a long way in the last four years, andI think it’s in the best shape it’s ever been,” he remarked. “We’llsee if we can improve some more over the next four years.”

In another contested race, former alderman John Welter Jr. willjoin the board as Ward Two alderman after defeating Marvin Weeks 75to 22 votes.

Welter was also looking forward to making a difference in thetown and working with a new mayor.

In the Ward Four race, Hollis Cowen Jr. captured 54 votes tosecure another term on the board. He overcame opponents R.G. Dube,who received 35 votes, Mark Douglas with 24 votes and RhemaBradford, who gained 18 votes.

Cowen was thankful for the support Ward Four residents showedhim. He was also glad to be a part of such a friendly competition.He was humbled by his opponents’ show of support when the finalresults were given.

“All of my opponents are personal friends of mine,” he said.”They all shook my hand and congratulated me and they meantit.”

In the unopposed positions, Ward One Alderman Robert Derrick andWard Three Alderman Lura Greer will continue their terms on theboard.