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New symphony sets first rehearsal

A new effort to enhance fine arts and music experiences in theLincoln County area is generating a lot of interest.

About 15 people battled Wednesday’s heavy rain to show theirsupport for the Ole Brook Wind Symphony.

“There was another 10 or 15 people who I spoke with that couldnot be at the meeting but wanted to be involved. The response hasbeen very positive,” said Susan Jones, who along with Patsy Warren,came up with the idea for the community orchestra.

Dr. George Edmonson, who joins Jones and Warren on the steeringcommittee, believes the inclement weather kept some indoorsyesterday, but he was extremely pleased with the talented peoplewho were able to make the group’s first meeting.

“We had a good group show up. There was a wide variety oftalent, and it was made up of high school students up to olderpeople,” said Edmonson.

The group included two former band directors, Cecil Trantham ofBrookhaven High and Stanley Stewart of Copiah-Lincoln CommunityCollege, who joined the steering committee as well.

Mississippi School of The Arts Director Dr. Vicki Bodenhamer wasalso on hand to provide information on how to start such an effort,and she gave tips on obtaining grants.

Ole Brook Wind Symphony’s first rehearsal is at 7 p.m. June 19in the Lipsey Middle School band hall. Weekly rehearsals willfollow and anyone with an interest is invited to attend.

“We want people of all playing abilities to come together andhave fun,” said Jones.

The steering committee hopes that as the idea becomes a reality,more people will become involved.

“We are still looking for people to play all instruments, and weare looking for people who have instruments they are willing toallow us to use,” said Jones, mentioning the need for instruments,either through donations, renting or borrowing.

Ole Brook Wind Symphony organizers are looking into thepossibility of working with the Brookhaven Arts Council to helpfill some of the group’s needs.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Ole Brook WindSymphony can call Jones at 835-0471, Edmonson at 833-7261 or Warrenat 833-1607.